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Mech Elf

By dmario
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This was a collaboration with *tadashya
she blessed me SO well with her CG skills, this is the second image she has done for me, and I pray that we are able to continue working together!
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Wow, alot of things go well with elfs.
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oh come on that is just cheating. they're magic they don't need to be mechanized
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Very hot piece.
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Whazzup, Dmario!

Good to see you are still at it, bruutha! I have always been a fan of your work- even the stuff you did in "Strap!" LOL

I got some new stuff I posting soon, so keep look out!

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LOVE IT! nice job. Especially the coloring. I'm jealous.
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Very nice collab! The colours look great and I really like her giant hands... the mech design is very well drawn!
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thank yoU!!!

zomg!11 you looked at my work!!!111
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Hahha :3 It's just cause you came and checked out my page first! Thanks for taking the time :3!
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Skillz are apparent so I must give props. Nice collab, both of you! :+fav: no doubt
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thanks, you got some great stuff too
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:jawdrop: it looks like shes ready to kick ASS!!!!! :matrixfight: id run if i were the person shes lookin at :sprint: anywhooo your awsome!!!
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thank you!!! :D
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thank you!

i am quite pleased with how this turned out, i believe julie is as well!
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WOw the colours and textures look great, but so does the frame and lineart! I really love how bold she looks! Very amazing detail and I love the background, even though its simple (I commented for your friend, too, so you can pass it along!) you two work sooo great together, the lineart and CG work so smoothly together!
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So very awesome! Great concept and coloring, putting it in my favs!
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