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Princess Ember

Really, really been wanting to draw tsundere dragon waifu.
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I love the 'I am so sick of this crap' look she's got.
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Garble and his cronies must be starting crap YET AGAIN. XD
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"No, Garble, we're not going to war with Yakyakistan."

"Really? They just said 'If stupid ugly fat flying lizard queen try fly over Yakyakistan again, yaks SMASH!'"

"... WHAT? I am not FAT!"
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"Yeah, see? They deserve a rampage! Go Dracozilla on them! You need some gems to Greed-Grow?"

"Bring them out! I'LL EAT THOSE JERKS!!!"

[Later, As the 300-foot Ember thunders off...]


"Great going, Garble! Now she can't find out WE were the ones who sent those twerps to steal from her!"
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Well, actually I was referring to the recent storyline at IDW where the dragons declared war on the yaks, but...

Prince Rutherford: "Ah. Life is good for yaks. No more avalanches. Pink pony has become our friend. Maybe yaks need to dial it back a little. Maybe no need to smash everything we not like. Maybe can be friends with others. Maybe..."

Yak: "Prince Rutherford! Giant ugly dragon is at gate roaring how she want to eat all yaks for insult!"

Prince Rutherford: "Me and my big mouth. YAKS! Two of you go get help from pink pony and her purple alicorn sidekick who insulted us so much! The rest of you? FOLLOW ME! Time for yaks SMASH!"
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[Rutherford and his yaks charge toward the gate, to behold a giant teal dragoness standing over them, seething with anger]

Giant!Ember: "YOU CALLED ME FAT! NOW IT'S TIME FOR A LOW-FAT LUNCH!! RAAAARRRRGH!!!" [She stomps the gate to rubble and grabs for the Yaks, licking her fangs]

Prince Rutherford: [Dodging Ember's grabbing claws] "Yaks no fear prissy dragon with fat rear! YAKS SMASH! Go for dragon's feet!"
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Giant!Ember: [Staring down at her clawed feet in disbelief as the Yaks uselessly stomp on her toes] "Seriously? Well, if you want to stomp..."

Giant!Ember: [Swings her tail up, and then brings it down against the ground with a massive BOOM! The shockwave sends Yaks tumbling in all directions.} "Had enough yet?"
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[The Yaks rouse themselves and renew their attack]

Yak Solider: "We have enough when dragon knocked on fat rump! We not scared, what you do, sit on Yaks?! CHARGE!!"

[The Yaks charge again, a few trebuchets on the city walls flinging boulders]
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She dose not look even remotely impressed at something...or....someone
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"Wow. I'm not sure what's worse. That you thugs actually thought you could steal from ME, the Dragon Lord....or that you sent those kids out to Dragon turf to do your dirty work. Yeah...I'm gonna see how sharp my claws are now."

--- Ember, to a band of bandits and theives who had sent a small gang of children--including several foals and a Diamond Dog puppy--to try and steal from her personal hoard.
The children would emerge unharmed from the incident....but the bandits wouldn't.
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I can see the planning session that went into that: "She'd never hurt a kid, and if she does, everyone will hate her for doing it and not us. We can't lose!"
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Didn't exactly work out for them, did it? XD
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Don't mess with dragons! They can eat you to hide the evidence.
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If you're lucky. If not, they give you to some bratty dragonling as a pet/toy. 
Or keep you as a slave to polish gems for the rest of your life.
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She looks just so unamused. XD
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