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Contained - Mouse Story
That shrill voice, accompanied by a torrent of cold liquid, is what brought me back to consciousness.
I couldn't help but to cough and sputter, given the amount of fluid that had hit me.  I did my best to gather my surroundings, the voice from before continuing as though nothing had happened.
"We gotta make sure you eat…not that it mattas much to us."
A lump of bread hit me in the forehead just then, having been tossed from across the room.  As I looked about, I noticed two jailers currently upon me.  The male from afar had thrown the bread while the female at current spoke to me.  She sat the bucket of water down by my side, her rattish features all too apparent even in this dim dungeon light.  They both wore light armor over their tunics, said clothing not doing much to cover their forms.
"Oy, can we hurry this up, lass?" the male from afar spoke up, his gruff voice revealing his irritation, "I'm itchin' for some 'fun' after this.  You know I'
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What to Do? Sniper Story
A breeze in the early afternoon swept across the park.  The leaves of the surrounding trees rustled lightly at the peaceful air passing them by.  In one tree, far off to the other end of the park, said breeze helped to cool the brow of one nervous teen.
"Don't worry so much.  This'll all be over soon."
The boy nodded at the sound of the voice behind him.
Lying on his stomach, the boy surveyed the park through his telescopic sight.  Attached to this sight was the rest of his rifle, only one bullet within for the target he was assigned.  He continued to watch as a mother and two children, a young boy and a young girl, played together near the edge of the park.
"And here comes our mark."
The boy scanned the area until he saw what he was looking for.  A black limousine pulled up to the entrance of the park.  The chauffer stepped out of the front of the limo and headed for the back, opening the door and revealing a tall,
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Captured - Mouse Story
In this darkness, I could still tell the form of my enemy.  He smiled at me, a flash of lightening brightening up his features, and I hated the look of him even more.  He was a rat that held too much false power, and I did my best to take away as much of it as I could.  He kept his positive demeanor as he spoke to me.
"You pathetic piece of ----!"
A burst of thunder censored his words, yet I knew already as to his contempt for me.  The rain that fell did little to cool my brow, and my sword grew heavier in my hand as I held it.  I stared back at him, doing my best to summon up a smile.
"Talking to yourself again, Voltragen Murinus?  You should hold a higher standard for yourself."
"Don't give me your worthless attempts at banter, Corvin Musgard.  You've already lost and you know it."
A flash of lightening lit up our battleground once more, and I could see that his words were not a mere threat.  By his side
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Character Backstory - Shryp Rypson
Shryp Irtence Rypson
Shryp is one of the main protagonists in the "Ryon Rising" series.  He's an 18 year old dog with black fur, a white stomach, and green eyes.  He has a spiky hairstyle that's relaxed yet elevated.  He wears a white T-Shirt, a pair of cargo shorts, and white shoes that have green trim on them.  He is somewhat tall, taller than Ryon, and has a more muscular build as well, which he attributes to the martial arts training he received as a pup.  He has completed regular grade schooling and lives by himself.  If he's not on a date with a girl, he's usually hanging around with his best friend, Ryon Bahamouse.
Shryp grew up in a rich family and does his best to stand out from the rest.  He's energetic and loves to play around and joke a lot.  His parents try to control his actions at times, but Shryp will often act up to purposely irk them.  He dislikes follow
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Character Backstory - Ryon Bahamouse
Ryon Yerner Bahamouse
Ryon is the main character and protagonist of the "Ryon Rising" series.  He's a 17 year old rat with brown fur, an orange stomach, and brown eyes.  He has short, scruffy hair that's a shade darker than his fur. He wears a black, short open vest and a pair of black shorts; his shoes are black and have brown trim along the bottom.   Though he is a rat, he somewhat resembles a mouse in some of his features.  He is of moderate height and has very little build to him.  Most of his muscle is in his arms due to his archery training.  He has completed regular grade schooling and currently lives on his own.  He is often found hanging out with his best friend, Shryp Rypson, as the two are best friends since childhood.
Ryon grew up as a single child of loving and caring parents.  His parents would often try their best to give for their son, but they also made sure t
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Sitting on Tales - Shows 1
So ya gotta ask ya'self somethin'…" *click* "…HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SU…" *click* "…cculent flavor, so delicious and tender, it'll make ya wanna…" *click* "…stay tuned for the next exciting episode of…" *click* "…YO MAMMA!"
Ryon flipped through the channels of his television set as he and Shryp sat on the couch, their feet propped up on the coffee table in front of them.
"Nothin' on yet?" Shryp asked, his arms behind his head as the afternoon sun warmed his hands.
"Not much that's interesting," Ryon replied, clicking the remote steadily.
"How can there be so many channels but nothin' on, anyway?"
"There's always 'something' on, just maybe not what you want at the time you want it…or you've gotta find it first."
More channels passed them by, shows and advertisements blending as one.  Eventually, Ryon stopped at a channel of animated programming, finally setting down the remote as bright colors and zany characters started to fi
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Sitting on Tales - Games 1
"Ha ha!  Didn't see that coming did ya?  You want some more?"
The sounds of growls, yells, and blows landing filled Shryp's living room, all of which came from the surround sound system he had installed when he first moved into his new house.  Ryon grinned as he looked ahead of him, the thrill of victory nearing his grasp.
"Oh yeah, keep talkin', mouse boy.  It ain't over yet!"
A sudden flash of light encompassed the room, a veritable fireworks display going off all around the two.  The announcer's cry of "KAY OH!" was quickly followed by the scream of a character's demise.  Ryon sat back on the couch next to Shryp, giving a sigh before glancing in Shryp's direction.
"I think it's over now.  Don't you?"
"Careful," Shryp warned, chuckling lightly, "You know what happens when you get too cocky.  Let's just start the next round."
The two were taken back to the Character Select screen after a brief statistic sc
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Mature content
Sitting on Tales - Sex 1 :icondmajorboss:DMajorBoss 6 23
Mature content
Sitting on Tales - Intro :icondmajorboss:DMajorBoss 4 12
Everlasting Ed-Stopper
"All right," his voice was but a whisper within his garage, "just one more application and this batch should be ready for testing."
The young suburban child peered though his goggles at the concoction he was mixing, the flame from his Bunsen burner keeping the contents warm.  He allowed the extract from the vial he was holding to drip into the primary mix.  One drop…another…yet another…he set down his vial and took notes of the reaction.
"Hmm…viscosity levels seem to be lessening…opacity is being replaced by translucence…I think it's actually done!  This could solve all of our…"
A sudden crash and flood of light invaded his senses.  He turned to the source, not very surprised to find the solution so suddenly.
"Double D!" shouted the first, a tall boy with a long, olive green jacket and a smile that offset whatever thoughts he was or, more than likely, wasn't having.  He was a boy of impressive strength
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A Life to Live
One time, I asked,
When I do die,
Will others care?
Might someone cry?
Or laugh aloud,
Filled up with glee,
To know that I
Am now deceased?
Some may be mad,
Or have no care,
Or hear the news
And sit and stare.
I've not a clue
How all may act;
A few, I do,
So here's my fact:
My life is now,
Alive and fine,
Doing my best
With what is mine.
My death will be
The future's past;
Until that time,
I'll have a blast.
So I'll reside
In my present
And live a life
I won't resent.
:icondmajorboss:DMajorBoss 25 33
Why can't I write the words in my mind?
Why can't I take whatever I find?
Why can't I make poems that don't have to rhyme since few seem to care what I say half the time?
Why can't I have the love that I seek?
Why cant I help the ones who seem bleak?
Why cant I gain some acclaim from my name and take aim to exclaim how I won at life's game?
Why cant I be selfish?
Why cantai be mean?
Why cantai be squalid instead of pristine?
Why cantai have that which I know others own?
Why cantai possess a heart made of stone?
Waicantai acquire the few things desired and then go retire past the nuisances prior to what was required to light the soul's fire and rise up much higher to where I won't tire?
Waicantai ask questions that are simple to answer?
Waicantai stop using these sentence enhancers?
Waicantai quit and no longer go?
Waicantai ask things I don't already know?
Waicantai?  Waicantai?  It's about being able.  Living your life and keeping things stable. 
:icondmajorboss:DMajorBoss 14 28
Doubt's Delay
I take a deep breath and continue to place my words on the page.  I've done this for hours now, steadily typing, the monotony in the clicking keys becoming as standard as the breathing that keeps me alive.
What's the significance of this line?
These voices I hear are constant.  They do not exist, yet are real in their audible cry into my ear.
Does this character have a motive for their action?
They aid me often in what I do.  I look over the past page and correct any grammaticals that I see.
Can you exchange this scene for another later on?  Would it help the flow of the story?
I glance at the digital clock next to my keyboard…AM, 3:48.  I go back to the screen, fingers never stopping, and focus on what words are placed before me.
You know it won't matter once it's done.
The movement of my fingers cease at the same time that my eyes close.  I can feel these digits move back to the Home K
:icondmajorboss:DMajorBoss 13 32
Spiryt - Perduring Flow - C3
"Ay, Ry-violi, ain't you gon' call it a day?"
I had lost track of time, having cleaned and stocked and stored all day.  Mr. Teal's voice brought me out of my working daze and I looked out through the doors at the front.  The evening sun glistened in from the glass doors of the entrance, filling the front with a nice, amber glow.
"Yes sir, time looks about right for calling it a day."  In a town as small as this, the bulk of customers do their shopping before it gets dark.  Unless it's the weekend, hardly anyone bothers stopping by at night.
"A'ight, go'n head and leave, I've got the door.  You gon' be here 'morrow?"
"As busy as Fridays tend to get, I'll be here to help."
In not being on the payroll, I don't have to work if I don't feel like it.  I've grown accustomed to helping out around here, though, so I show up whenever I feel like getting things done.  Having a young helper work under the books wasn't too uncomm
:icondmajorboss:DMajorBoss 3 8
Ice Cream Moral - Alternate
Once upon a Summer day
Two kids were by the street
And they were eating ice cream cones
So they could beat the heat.
One was a boy, not too young
His age was almost nine
He had a double chocolate scoop
And it tasted mighty fine.
Then there's the girl, his sister, who
Was eleven years of age;
She licked on her vanilla cone
Cause vanilla's all the rage.
Both were very happy
Eating cream of white and brown,
When the little boy licked just too hard
And a scoop fell to the ground.
The little girl just looked and laughed,
"Ha ha, you little brat;
You just dropped yours on the ground
So how do you like that?"
It's not nice to pick on others, so,
As you could surely tell,
She went back to her own ice cream
And suddenly it fell.
The little boy had watched her scoop
As it fell on the ground
And then he looked right back at his,
The chocolate, nice and round.
He took a chunk and ate it,
And then gave, to her, his too
"I like to share," he said in smile,
"So I'll give my half to you."
:icondmajorboss:DMajorBoss 6 16
Generic Start
The first line's an opening,
The second starts the rhyme,
The third sets up the fourth,
And it must be done in time.
It all continues forward,
Just like the block before it;
And if you do it right,
Then people will adore it.
Rhyming's just an option,
All poems are not the same;
It's all about the message
That you intend to bring.
So let your minds go wander,
And create what comes to thee;
Have fun with your creation,
And use creativity.
:icondmajorboss:DMajorBoss 1 18


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Happy Birthday D Major
It’s really quite amazing, the way you meet people.
I mean, look at our world:  we’re connected more than ever with social media sites, the constant attendance on portable telecommunication devices and let’s not forget the ways we interact on favoured websites and group forums, so being stuck in one place is no longer the cause of ennui.  There’s a whole world at our fingertips and it’s one of life’s pleasures to find a group of people who share the same love for interests we like.  It’s so pleasing to discover people who are like-minded, who we enjoy interacting with, and it’s not surprising that over time, some of these people we’ve never met can become the closest of friends.
‘Real life’ is increasingly becoming a whirlwind of school, work, family commitments and other calls on our time. Travelling to and from your place of work or study takes many hours in some cases, and the days can seem long when yo
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Hello once again, this is James, and I have some sad news to report. Those of you who do not know, Monday, May 6, 2013, in the early morning, GOD called our humble wordsmith home. Dondi "Dmajorboss"  lost his battle with cancer. I don't know the details of the funeral arrangements, but as I learn more information, I will post it here on his account and my account.  I feel privileged that I was one of the chosen few he called friend. Like most friendships, we had our moments, some good, some bad, but all in all, we were close friends. No, we were brothers, and I thank GOD that he allowed Dondi to be part of my life. "Talonalmasy"


Dondi M. Bethea
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United States
Current Residence: Latta, South Carolina
Favourite genre of music: I like them all.
Operating System: Dell computer with Windows XP
Favourite cartoon character: There are so many cartoon characters that I like, I couldn't possibly list them all.
Personal Quote: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


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