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My image "Hustleblood" Hustleblood by dmaabsta received it 100th fav today.  This is the 3rd time one of my images got 100 favs.  Thanks to everybody that faved it.
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My image "Telephone 6: Whispers In The Wind"  Telephone 6: Whispers In The Wind by dmaabsta received it 100th fav today.  This is the 2nd time one of my images got 100 favs.  Maybe I'm doing something right afterall.  Thanks to everybody that faved it.
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My works have recently been featured in 2 journals.  

My image 
Telephone 6: Whispers In The Wind by dmaabsta s featured in LuneBleu 's UNderloved ARt feature here:  UNderloved ARt featureHello!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and that you all got in 2014 with the right foot.
My 3rd artwork from Alice in Shadowland series is just around the corner. I have it ready since November but I wanted to wait until 2014 to submit it. I'll share it in the next couple of days.
For now, I want to share with you some really amazing and underloved artworks, that I truly believe everyone should admire.
I've selected many of them to the group we-HEART-photomanip and now I want to share them with all of you. Enjoy! ♥
All these artworks have less than 100 favs.
black paper butterfly by LilifIlane :thumb407240189: Water by natashialee Cemetary Stroll by TL-Designz Legend of the Mummy: The Awakening by AmandineVanRay Karma by Dasha444 Beck and Claw by vacuumslayer giraffe beach by beyzayildirim77 Walk in Autumn by MADmoiselleMeli Octophant's Wrath by bergslay Unknown Universe by mastadeath Angelique by Methyss Reflection of Pain by mimikascraftroom :thumb28394
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My image "Feeling That I Know So Well"  Feeling That I Know So Well by dmaabsta just recently got its 100th fav! This is the first time one of my images got 100 favs.  Thanks to everybody that faved it.
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I ran across this page,… and saw mine and some other deviantart work being stolen.  Dude takes other people's work and adds table tennis objects and calls it his own work.  Some of the shitty ways he adds these objects can be pretty comical tho.  I don't know what's worse, the stealing, or the fact that my stolen work has more facebook likes on his page than on mine.
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I just noticed that I sold my first print on deviantart.  Somebody bought a print of my photo manip "Minute Intermission"  Minute Intermission by dmaabsta. So thanks to whoever bought it.
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My work Acute by dmaabsta is featured on  Check it out here:…
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My works Final Battle by dmaabsta & Almost Free by dmaabsta are featured in Digital Arts April Issue.  They also did a short interview with me.
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My works Minute Intermission by dmaabsta Acute by dmaabsta Its Over, I Lost by dmaabsta Restless Dreamer by dmaabsta Retirement For Ships by dmaabsta will be be featured in Practical Photo Magazine issue 24 along with a short bio.  It hasn't dropped in the states yet but you can buy it online here:…  It's the April 2013 issue.
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My work Superb Splendor by dmaabsta  is featured in afinewar's journal.  You can check it out along with other great surrealist work here:
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My typography piece, Joshua 1:9 by dmaabsta has 15,600 likes on InstaPray's Instagram account.  My most liked/faved/appreicated/etc. work I've made yet.  Never thought my most popular piece would be a typography design.

In other news you can like my facebook page:
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I just realized that I recently broke the 100 watcher mark, so I want to take time out to thank all those who are watching me.
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My works Perfect Love by dmaabsta & Joshua 1:9 by dmaabsta are featured on Type Junkie, .  Here are the direct links to them:……
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My work Nights Alone by dmaabsta is featured in PND21's journal.  You can check it out along with other amazing images here: :thumb355562383:
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My works Got Me Down by dmaabsta Telephone 4 by dmaabsta Finally Home by dmaabsta Tribute To Sky City by dmaabsta In With Time by dmaabsta are featured in Nilanja's journal.  You can check it out along with other really cool and well crafted surreal images here: :thumb352555908:
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My works Time Taker by dmaabsta Finally Home by dmaabsta & 2 other works were featured in Abduzeedo Daily Inspiration #1326 here:…
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I got interviewed by Photoshop Creative and it will be on Issue 95 which came out last week in the UK and will be here in States later this month.  My works Mourning Stroll by dmaabsta Telephone 4 by dmaabsta & Identity Within A Book by dmaabsta were featured and I wrote a short tutorial on how to make Telephone 4 by dmaabsta

You can buy the issue online here:…
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