MLPSeason5: Are Shining Armor and Princess Cadance finally getting a...
1431 votes
court Hearing?
new Living Room?
fancy Dinner?
baby... back ribs?
bag of Chips?
crash course in dirty dancing?
rubella inoculation?

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they had a baby. Is it skyla? nope.

What kind of a name is flurry-(a pony named after cereal exists) point taken.
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They going to have a baby #spoilers 
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Cadence gonna get a new husband (Prince Snowy Montrell Midnight)

Shining Armor gonna get a new wife (Trixie/Rainbow Dash)
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Actually they're truely having an actuall baby.
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Hmmm maby there getting a monkey butler?
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Baby back ribs! Made Out of REAL babies! (I know it sounds dark and disgusting, but still.) xD
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BABY... minus the back ribs. =P

"And they will name him George, and they will hug him, and squeeze him, and pet him..." :D
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Is tricky question, they are getting a Court Herring.
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Mmm, baby back ribs :drool: rvmp 
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Are we in that much in denial or something?
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In our times? Maybe ... a mortgage, a loan, a life insurance, a visit of mother-in-law Sweating a little... and a lot of another pleasant things I guess... =P (Razz) 
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better hope they had a foal. because hasbro just make CMC got they cutie mark.

after cadance and shining armor had a baby. make sure spongebob got his driving licenses Molestia's face of disgust  
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A baby that looks like Tirek
:iconprincesscadanceplz: Um, honey...when you were passed out during Tirek's rampage...I-I have a confession to make...
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They have learned the secret of fusion and are trying to hide it from everypony.
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Please...Tell me if Shining Armor and Cadence is going to have a baby? Everyone (including Lauren Faust and its cool writers) are giving us a little bit of speculation that they might gonna have a baby, and we have to leave it as a 'Maybe So'. If that's the secret, then we will be excited like last week when The CMC finally got their cutie marks (and we all know how happily rowdy we are :squee: ) .
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new living room

M. A. Larson can make their living room an alicorn
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listen everyone the evidence are all for cadence pegeant  1. this sentece says by pinkie pie [This is the best news ever! I can't wait to tell Twilight!] and 2. this…

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A marriage counselor!
An adopted foal from a third world country!
Oh, I got it! They're getting a BDSM dungeon so Cadence can live out her fantasy of being a kinky tyrant!
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i want my baby back
baby back
baby back... ribs
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And now I'm thinking of the Chilis baby back ribs song.
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