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#dm29HolidayHorse Day 4: Shiny + Cadance

December 4th. Shining Armor keeps the missus warm.

25 Days of Holiday Horse. Happy Holidays!

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who else is ready for when Season 6 comes? 
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I cannot wait to see their new foal!
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Well, it would be awesome to see an episode where Twilight has to handle being an aunt, like the Baby Cakes episode
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Okay, but I think that baby would be a mutant or something........I mean, look at Shining Armor, Disgusting, right? Now Look at Cadence, Cadence is foal would be a half ugly and half nice pony, or something like that :|
Didgereethebrony's avatar
I think Twilight has something to say...
Twilight Sparkle ''THE PICNIC!'' icon You make my bbbff cry, I will get you...
MLP Emote Shining Armor Crying 
Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Crazy Insane Loony MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Angry Mad Upset 
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A Unicorn wants to get me? Awww how adorable little mortal :D 
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What can I say, I enjoy playing with those emojis. Nothing against you, I'm just enjoying myself 
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No Problem, I understand ^^ 
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Make out in da snow!
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Aww.... He has a peppermint horn.
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:icontwilightomfgplz::iconthinksplz:Please no licking... please no licking... please no licking...:iconthinksendplz:
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DDDDDAAAWWWW Snowy Couple, how cute. :)
Always happy to see more Shining Armor and Cadance art.
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I feel........
I-I must commit suicide by this ship......
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hah, I fave cuz this is enjoyably cute :)
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