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#dm29HolidayHorse Day 3: Starlight + Sunburst

And December 3rd. Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst have some catching up to do.

25 Days of Holiday Horse. Happy Holidays!

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Hi i have a question what kind of drink is starlight glimmer drinking :-?

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Singing"SunLight, on a winter's day."

This is very beautiful, and cute; I love the way they're both looking at each other, and they are very beautifully designed.  I like this look for Sunburst better than the look he was given in the show, and Starlight Glimmer is looking as adorable as ever. :aww:  I wish they'd kept this look for her personally...

This something about it being set at winter that makes this even more adorable, I think it just seems like the perfect setting for a cute moment between the two of them. :heart:
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Yaya! I'm not the only one that ships them!!
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She destroyed equstria multiple times for you sunburst , break up with her and not only shall you die but everypony else too XD I ship it so hard
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Not going to lie, I ship these two quite hard. Heart 
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Heh Heh She started a cult and nearly ruined time and space for you. ^^ so sweet. 
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I hope those two get a reunion soon
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I'm not sure there will be a reunion between these two.  I mean, after Starburst left Starlight for magic school, he didn't even try to come visit her or even write to her.  Clearly, Starburst's new found talent meant more to him than their friendship.  So they clearly wasn't as close as Starlight claimed they were!
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OMG this is too cute :3 Starlight Glimmer (smile) plz 
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Catching up indeed, looks like she's gonna have a big loving time with her boyfriend. :)
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I totally ship them, but that was the worst reason for going evil ever. 
Like wow, she must have such a moody selfish little bitch as a filly. 
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It's so nice how in this show, the villains are just as likeable as the protagonists.
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Yeah frankly we didn't like Sunset in the first movie.  Look at her now!  Let's hope if  Starlight becomes a reoccurring character, she develops to be very like able too. 
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Half of me saying ship the other have a saying will he come back
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I have just one thing to say. "dawwwwwww!" :heart: 
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I hoep they meet in Season 6 again thatd be nice thing for Twilight to do
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I ship with the full power of this fully armed and operational battle station.
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It's a cute picture.
But it shouldn't turn this was.
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They are just so CUTE! :heart:
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