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#dm29HolidayHorse Day 22: (Some) Background Ponies

December 22nd. Octavia gets the weird ones matching sweaters. Vinyl likes peppermint.

25 Days of Holiday Horse! Happy Holidays!

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Lunatwisentry's avatar
Lesbian coffee club (I don't ship )
FlareEmerald77's avatar
Feralysis's avatar
Wow, Vinyl, that's... a LOT of whipped cream.
DorkPrincess4321's avatar
Gay does NOT equal weird!
Gogogadgethat's avatar
One's obsessed with humans. The other's a secret agent. That's plenty weird.
grandjoy1111's avatar
OMG OTP OTP! (besides soaringdash and flashlight of course)I am a dummy! 
mouseanderson's avatar
Octavia, have you ever played "running with the Cello"
Sneshneeorfa's avatar
UnseenVision's avatar
Happy Hearth's Warming B.P.B.F.Fs (Background Pony Best Friends Forever) :w00t:
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Those sweaters look tiny. Oh well, they're probably pretty stretchy.
ShannaImprov's avatar
Looks like Lyra and Bon Bon got really "colorful" matching sweaters for Christmas! What a great present from Octavia :holly: .
TheAbyssalSamurai's avatar
Two ships in one room. 

-cue Nowacking fangirling-
GunnurBoyExo's avatar
Background Ponies get-together, how adorable. :D
CasanovaGuy01's avatar
cocoa with friends.
TheRandomArtist1999's avatar
Background ponies BFFs! ^_^
epzik8's avatar
See, Vinyl has the right idea when it comes to dressing up hot chocolate.
Ro994's avatar
Of course the weird ones love the matching sweaters :D
Vinyl looks really cute
TooCliched's avatar
Lyra and Bon Bon bought each other ugly Christmas sweaters, how sweet. :D I too love peppermint. Vinyl.
SFaccountant's avatar
Geez, Scratch! Take off you headphones at the table! SO RUDE.
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
They double as hearing aids. She's nearly deaf, that's why she doesn't talk.
SFaccountant's avatar
Headphones, doubling as hearing aids? The exact opposite of their intended function? What kind of absurd, magical nonsen-
Oh. Right. Never mind.
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
I feel like I'm missing a joke. Is it just that it's Vinyl we're talking about?
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