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#dm29HolidayHorse Day 18: Snowball Fight

December 18th. Time for the Annual Peg the Pegasus Boyfriend With Snowballs Event.

25 Days of Holiday Horse! Happy Holidays!

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what you think of my little story i put? here a remember!

the girl: boyfriend Initiation!
Twilight: hihi sorry Flash!
flash: great! is normal your friends do something like this i me need see this coming!
trixie:HaHAHA is fun to do the Initiation of the boy friend of ours favourire ponyvilly princess!
sunset:well is beter us! then shining armor!
starlight:yeah! i think shining plan something for flash!
moondancer: princess luna tell cadance will make sure do in the right and save for flash!plus princess celestia say shining too get boy friend Initiation by the friends of cadance so is now a tradition!