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#dm29HolidayHorse Day 16: Derpy Hooves

December 16: Only 9 days left to Easter!

25 Days of Holiday Horse! Happy Holidays!

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I'll bet she'll be decorating with Christmas decorations this Easter.
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Derpy Clapping Icon I made you a Christmas Egg Dashie!
Rainbow Dash (Pondering) Plz Uh.....I don't think there is such a thing as Christmas Eggs.
Derpy Emote icon Don't worry......The Christmas Bunny will bring you candy hearts.
Rainbow Dash (Weak smile) Plz ........Of course there is.
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I think Derpy's got her holidays mixed up. :P
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YAY! Very good Derpy!
Rarity by BlueFluffyDinosaur Derpy, darling, you're only supposed to use red and green paint this time of year.
Happy Derpy Vector by Kooner-cz  Oh, okay.  I'll do that with the next one.
Rainbow Dash defies you. by theawkwardstage Rarity, why are you encouraging her?
Doctor Whooves by dva4695 Because she's a lot more fun when she's encouraged, if you know what I mean.
Inspired Rarity by TecknoJock  Yes, Doctor, I know EXACTLY what you mean!
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Why can't we paint eggs on both holidays?  Christmas eggs would be cute!
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Yeah, and we can decorate Christmas tree at Easter Day. Hmm... Why not?
Quillamore's avatar
Easter trees would be cute, too!  Also, if you've seen Easter sugar eggs (…), I could just see how you could apply them to Christmas.
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Derpy... You do know that it's not Easter yet!
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This is so cute 
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Is this in reference to that one episode of Family Guy?
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I just want some colored Easter Eggs~
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Silly Derpy! :D Easter's in April.
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*chuckles* Oh, Derpy. :)
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Her name is just Derpy. Her last name has never been mentioned in any canon. Why doesn't anyone get that?

Anyway, this looks just like something she would do. It's not her fault, I'm sure it would take any pony a while to learn about all those human holiday customs.
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Oh, Derpy...
(big huggie) :heart: :heart:
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I <3 you, Derpy!
Never change!

Seriously, NEVER.
I do NOT want another fandom flame war!
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