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#dm29HolidayHorse Day 12: Pinkie + Mayor Mare

December 12th: Pinkie Pie checks through all her decorations with Mayor Mare.

25 Days of Holiday Horse. Happy Holidays!

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No hidden taxes in there, haha. 
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Excellent... Pagan Horse!
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I hope the Mane Six get paid for all the boring work Mayor Mare always makes them do. I have a feeling that Pinkie Pie is happy to help for free, though.
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I love Pinkie's... vest? Meh, it's cute :meow:
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Such a nice picture!
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Do they have electric lights? I've heard light switches go on and off, but seen no generators or bulbs or anything. Maybe they use glowing crystals?
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Yay! Mayor Mare does need more attention. :3 She seems like a nice pony. xD Just like Pinkie, unable to keep a secret in xD LOL 
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Well, she is too busy to be included in the plot. Become a mayor is too much sometimes.
WorldofTanks's avatar
Well, I could imagine. xD Which is weird... Twilight is in Ponyville as well, and she's a princess.. xD Twilight probably hands all her works to Mayor Mare xD LOL 
Rainbow Dash (Laughing) Plz 
Oh my gosh! I didn't know Twilight did that. (chuckles)
WorldofTanks's avatar
Yush xD  And nice Dashie icon :D :3 

No wonder why she did almost nothing in the castle of hers xD 
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This series is like an Advent Events countdown.
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For a minute there, I thought Pinkie's helping Mayor Mare with tax collecting! XD
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Mayor Mare isn't cold?
Chiyawa's avatar
The cold doesn't bother her anyway...

Okay, sorry to use an overused joke.
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Really amazing!:3
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