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#dm29HolidayHorse Day 11: The Ponytones

December 11th. The Ponytones carol with The Coloratura Formerly Known As Countess. And Applejack.

25 Days of Holiday Horse. Happy Holidays!

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I miss the Ponytones. We're probably never going to see them again. :(
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Applejack playing a triangle?!? What kid wants to play the triangles?!? How do you even have triangle lessons?!?
"I'm here for my triangle lesson"
"Fire it up, mate."
"Well done, see ya next week"

Original joke by Carl Barron
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The Ponytones(well, most of them) reunite to put on a Holiday concert! :D
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Toe Tapper and Torch Song must be at home spending the holidays together, can't show up. ;P
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I sing in a brony singing group, doing Big Mac's bass part. It's a lot of fun - we even sang at BronyCon 2015!
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Wait, is it Flutterguy or just Fluttershy? I remember that episode, it was fantastic 
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I love how Rara has a background pony as a friend!
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And then Rara put them all to shame....
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Toe-Tapper and Torch Song have been replaced hu? The eternal fate of background chars [ Pixel ] Gravestone1 - F2U 
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i didnt know they had names. i think thats a good indicator that theyre replaceable XD 
Kalenz123's avatar
Every single background Pony has a name ^^
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i know im just making a point
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Applejack is standing in between her two favorite ponies in the world.
Flutershy's next to Big Mac.
Big Mac has to pretend Marble's next to him.
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I want it singing outside!
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Meanwhile, Toe Tapper and Torch Song sat at home, wondering why nopony seemed to return their calls anymore.
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YAY! The new Ponytones!!
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Yeah, screw the other two Ponytones.
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