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#dm29HolidayHorse Day 1: Apple Bloom + Applejack

It's December 1st. Let's get into the holiday mood. Betcha didn't expect Applejack!

Now, I hope this works. It'll either be something cool, or turn out like a bad turkey dinner. 25 days of Holiday Hearth's Warming Horse. Shall we?

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The two sisters at work, to clean the streets of Ponyville.
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Apple bloom is gonna burn to death is hold the ice melt with her mouth.
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i gonna print and do a homemade advent calendar with your pictures c:
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Look at this while listening to Hallelujah by Lindsey Stirling! It adds a completely new and beautiful feel to it!…
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What is Applebloom holding? Anti-Snowflakes?
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Sowing traction
if they salted the sidewalks...wouldn't everypony just lick it all up?  >.<
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Based on what happens in salt mines in our world, any salt that would go on a sidewalk wouldn't be "food grade" - i.e. would be too bitter or "dirty" tasting for food usage because of impurities or other minerals mixed in.
Well if we're going there, one would think that hooves would provide good enough traction through snow...

also...CONCRETE IN PONYVILLE!  YAY!  they must be constantly filling in potholes from repeated hoof-action, too.
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LOL... Sidewalk clearing!
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:iconapplejackplz: "Because pegasi don't control where they dump their snow loads..."
:icondashangryplz: "Clouds don't work that way, Applejack! :steaming:"
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YAY!!! So cute!
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Helps that it is Applejack Day after all. :aww: (according to EQD at least). Cute pic for the first day of December!
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Two Best Apples Sister in Hearth's warming Eve, Sweet! :D
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Why today is AJ Day? What's so special about today?
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AJ Day and 25 days of Hearth's Warming art, we couldn't have asked for something so wonderful!
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Love Applejack and Applebloom!
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