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Derpy, no!

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That is incorrect, Derpy.

As those were familiar with the snout boops not before it was likely the first for derpy hooves to give a butt boop to rainbow dash when derpy hooves was to put a hoof up rainbow dash's butt.

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Who else but Derpy?
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do mind if someone edit?
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no please don't make edits of my work thanks.
paddy-sparkle's avatar
will someone did.
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Moral of the story: There are no noses on butts.
PinkieThePowerpuff's avatar
Derpy: Why are you so jumpy :?
legoking44's avatar
If you lay a single hoof on me booty I'll have........your booty
MarcySparks's avatar
RD : don t touch my booty
Sevenscence's avatar
Derpy! No boopy there! =D
The-Waith's avatar
Wrong end Derpy.
JemmaPie11's avatar
shoop da boopity doop lol
Rexlare's avatar
Boop on de but.
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something is definitely sexual looking about this
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I'm pretty sure this is the pony equivalent of a swat on the butt. Which is... yeah, you know... >.>;
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