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You're Just The Right Type

"You're Challenged by Faithful Student Twilight!"

I dove into Pokémon Y this week (just beat the champion at time of writing), and I needed an MLP/Pokémon icon for my Twitter to reflect my adventure. Whose expression do you like more?

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", "Equestria Girls" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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I'm in. Let's see how about you can stack up against my dragon types
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(tossing pokeball up and down) you sure you wanna do this, Twi? When it comes to pokemon, I'm among the elitest of the elite. Still wanna do this? Fine.

GO! GARCHOMP! (sends out life orb Garchomp)
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Her team:
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*Librarian Nala accepts and sends out Chandra (Delphox)*
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Twili use cuteness
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This Works Perceft I Bet she has Fennekin(2nd Evloed)Because it have Pshicy(Magic)And solmoon) I don't know the names but I do have to pokemon GAMES I play for my intedo 1.pokemon y 2.Pokemon The ruby sapphire it blue.
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the pokemon you are think of is a Braxien. Psychic and fire type.
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Battle Theme:…

You are challenged by Champion Twilight!
Twilight sent out Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy!
Rainbow Dash (Determined look) Plz: RRRRRAAAAINNNBOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!
{Rainbow Dash's Intimidate!} {Ventus' Attack was lowered!} {Gaia's Attack was lowered!}
MLP:Evil fluttershy: SHY! SHY!! FLUTTERSHY!!
{Fluttershy's Unnerve!} {Your team is too nervous to eat berries!}

Denif sent out Ventus and Gaia!
Ventusubetterrun by SalvatoreMasterDenif : VEN! TUS!!
{Ventus' Delta Stream!} {A Strong Wind picked up! All moves super-effective against Flying-Types are severely weakened!}
Gaiawhyyou by SalvatoreMasterDenif : GAI GAI GAIA!!
{Gaia's Pressure!} {Gaia is exerting her pressure!}
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No, GET OUT. X + Y SUCKS! Try season 1 instead!  :pokemonmlg: 
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Cool; a Equestria Girls, Friendship is Magic, and Pokemon cross-over. =)
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look at little twilight
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Poke ball GOO!
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Aw... That's so cute!
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Me: I'm the right type? Really?
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I bet she has an espeon in that poke ball
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Hail yeah!

The Pokemon to represent me would be Scizor with Scizorite.
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Ohb Yes I want to see this now
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GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!!!! :meow:
Congrats on beating the champion of POKEMON Y and great job on this drawing of Human Twilight Sparkle as a POKEMON Trainer with little filly Twilight on her shoulder and a classic pokeball/backpack! Also, like the character introduction, "You're Challenged by Faithful student Twilight", that fits her to a "T"! I wonder what would happen if Ash Ketchum & Pikachu met Twilight Sparkle(human & little filly pony)? Great drawing you did here!
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Twiright Tsuparkuru
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to adorabel!!!
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