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You Had The TV Yesterday!

"Moose Wrestling!" "Soap Operas!"

The Crystal Castle only has one TV, and Cadance will be damned if she misses another round of Moose Wrestling.

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Forget King Sombra! HERE is the ultimate battle in the Crystal Empire!!!

(And for my fellow wrestling fans: Cadence's favorite wrestler? MOOSE!!! :D :D :D)
Cryptid-Daydreamers's avatar
"Moose Wrestling!" "Soap Operas!" and fighting over who gets the remote like this will be me and my partner if I ever get married one day. 
Yumarcs's avatar
That is one weird pose :XD:
OnuaSurge's avatar
That pose is messed up XD.
MagicaITrevor's avatar
Come on, Cadance! We believe in you!
RockHead1989's avatar
You know if you put your thumb over the remote and look at this picture it takes on a whole different meaning I know it's immature but I just can't help it.
T-mack56's avatar
You know you have a good marriage when the only time you  and your spouse have a serious fight is when you fight over what TV show you want to watch.
TheSisters2's avatar
So cute!!!Love :D (Big Grin)    :happybounce:       Heart-Kay
Kyoshyu's avatar
For the moment, we have pony wrestling. :D
thekerbalflyer's avatar
Just watch CSI: Manehattan and shut up.
MLP-Element's avatar
XD Let Cadence watch a bit of Moose Wrestling and then switch to Shining's Soap Operas and keep going back and forth. :D
BB-K's avatar
Well, it's time for them to buy another one.
catz537's avatar
LOL Moose wrestling and soap operas xD
Edokage's avatar
:iconprincesscadenceplz::iconsaysplz:"You watched all of yesterday, now it's my turn."
:iconshiningarmorplz::iconsaysplz:"Come on, Cadence. Pinescent and Lillybasket were just about to be married and Sunspinner's unknown father and half brother crashed the wedding. I need to know who they are."
:iconprincesscadenceplz::iconsaysplz:"...You are sleeping on the couch the next month. If you want anything, I'm at Twilight's, watching moose wrestling."
:iconshiningarmorplz::iconsaysplz:"I regret nothing."
If Shining Armor loves that couch so much, he should have married it. :)
WestRail642fan's avatar
so many joke, so little time
WENDIGO-666's avatar
That POSE !  X//D
D-Goldenheart's avatar
SAD THING is... this is me... I love my soap operas...
Nubsies's avatar
Why would the crysta palace only have one tv? If so, theyre royalty why cant they jus buy another one?
AspiePie's avatar
Hurp Durp... I am into Anime Soap Operas!
You guys probably have more than enough in the crystal palace's treasury to buy another TV
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
Just watch a soap opera ABOUT wrestling! 
D-Goldenheart's avatar
Don't they already have that? Jersey shore?
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