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"I've checked the manual, tried everything and I still don't know what's wrong!"

Don't worry, folks. That's regular apple juice.

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Princess Cadence (Angry) Plz Shining did all the work 
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She is only perfect in your eyes.
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I do not understand why they skipped Cadence being pregnant (there is a LOT THERE to work with!). Unless there's a plot twist at the end that she's actually a baby changeling. 

Well, my group story got some good jokes out of it. 
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I think the problem is that they didn't want the target audience to succumb to something like that. Remember that one scene in Suite Life of Zack & Cody?
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I grew up on Flintstone cartoons that DID show Wilma pregnant. So it feels weird to me.
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Oh. That explains that mystery. One scene in Zack and Cody had them watching videos of their birth, and they were disgusted when the video they were watching showed their mom giving birth to them. So they fast-forwarded past that point twice.
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I just realized why it must be confusing I accidentally typed "i get" instead of " I hate" sorry!
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I find the way shining armor reacted was realistic but I find the cadence reacted wasn't if I'm not explaining it well enough you could watch MLP- silver quill's review of it he explained it much better then me
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If it's apple juice, Why's she chewing?

= P
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I'm pretty sure she's withholding herself from doing a spit take
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Okay, thanks. ^_^
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Diaper change. XD
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Maybe she wants a visit from her Auntie Pinkie Pie?
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She would have excellent baby sitting tips. Step #1: FLOUR. LOTS OF IT!!!
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Ahh, the joys of parenting...

(I was being sarcastic).
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Is it just me or are Flurry's legs a little bit bigger then they should be? o3o
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water retention
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shining armor is an idiot
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Caution: Safety first before changing a baby's diaper
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Especially an alicorn baby diaper!
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