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Who's it from? Who's it from?

By dm29
"Is it Cadance? Did Cadance write back?"

Twilight did the bounce back during the Canterlot Wedding. I still think she would be unabashed in doing it again even after princesshood.

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So cute... Now to make your nightmares come true and ship Cadance and Twi!
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Ship her and Twi? :iconsoldierplz:Sir! No, sir!
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She does love her sister in law a lot. X3
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Nothing more adorable than Twilight bouncing excitedly!
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Not only Twilight, I'm also curious about that letter, Shining! :D
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i thought she was a filly.  either she looks kinda small or shining armor is a bit bulky.
unnecessary criticisms aside
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TS: Can I see what's in the letter, can I can I????
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Shining: No twily, its from somepony else...
Twilight: Who who?!
Shining: ..... Flash
Twilight: *attacks Shining Armor* GIVE ME!
Shining: Argh!

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certainly is.
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LOL that's funny
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Is she supposed to be a princess in this picture?
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This is adorable.
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Someone's excited.
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twilight can jump pretty high for a princess
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having wings helps
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Yes. I fully support this.
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"Dear Shining Armor,
it's me, Gallstone. Your best childhood friend, the pony your wife was insanley jealous of for no reason. I'm getting married! Wait till you meet her, she completes me. I want to ask you if you would consider being the Best Stallion at the ceremony. Lots of love, Gallstone.
P.S. I heard your sister became an alicorn or something."
You miiight have made Shining Armors Shadow cover his hooves. Not complaining, just pointing it out.
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Twilight can ORDER Shining to reveal the letter, she has that power
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