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Where Are The Crayons?

By dm29
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"Twily, did you eat the crayons?"
(Twily shakes her head vociferously)

Another one where Twilight was a younger filly and Shining Armor was still a colt without a cutie mark. Non-canon, but oh so cute.

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Seriously, Twilight?! You ate the crayons?! O_o
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I think I've had a tiny taste of crayon and they taste as bad as they smell (I think they're not toxic at all), so how Twily would eat them without noticing the taste would make me wonder.
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I like the red ones the most^^
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What are they made of ?
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Well... they taste like Strawberries^^
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Where are Shining's CM ?
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Younger shining Armor. Pre cutie mark. Age regression for twilight to be silly enough to eat crayons. 
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He look like a teen ! He get his CM wen ?
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In the show he's shown with a cutiemark when Twily was a filly but reading and all (7-9), so this is much earlier, when Twily was a baby but not newborn. I'd say 5 years earlier from the show's filly Twily, here. If SA is in his middle 20s now, he was in early 20s or late teens, here he has to be in his teens (13-17, not more by all means).

MLP Wikia doesn't say anything about when his CM, and there are nothing in the show where he doesn't have it. My money is on a meeting with Celly in his teens or preteens for a possible guard or even guard captain where he got it, or automatically gaining it even earlier, quickly prompting the Sparkles to talk to Celly. Or worse yet, he had to protect someone or something and that's when, but nothing implies of any wars or something where SA would had been while Twily was baby or filly; Equestria is too peaceful that it was some non-attack or non-emergency when it happened.
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oh celestia I think I ate to many skittles
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I have to admit, I did this once whe I was 5.  I was curious if the colors had different flavors. Spoiler alert! They don't.  I was disappointed. 
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Don't they also taste more than rather bad ? Which ones did you try ?
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Crayola used to make scented crayons that smelled like fruit. You can guess what happened, and why they don't make those anymore.
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Yeah, where are they?
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She's too smart to do that.
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"They tasted like art class."
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Aww So Cute :happybounce: Please Checkout My Art 
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LOL!!!! Twilight just ate the crayons!
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Twily is so cute as a foal :D
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