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When Twiligh Thinkn Abt Buk


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A literal “sparkle face”  XD
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Another face :XD:

I may have checked the gallery a few times but still finding something.
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Twilight wrote the book on reading books...and then read it.  She is...the most interesting Pony in Equestria.
NorthernShield's avatar
Uh, Twilight?...Twilight? *Snapsing infront of her face* HellOOOoo, anypony home?
Blackvegetable's avatar
Awwww... maybe thinking about her plans of the day, including meeting a famous author? :D
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That is such a cute face.
Orhblin's avatar
You mean buck? The ponyverse synonym for Fucking? 
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Who's my silly Twilight? Yes you are, yes you are.
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:iconshiningarmorplz: "Oh great, it's the 'just-saw-a-new-book-and-want-it' face... (heavy sigh) -.-;"
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Such a cute expression!
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I think there must be something wrong with Twilight's neck,that looks a little strange.
736berkshire's avatar
Either that, or her mane is hiding it.
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I feel like Twilight's head doesn't belongs to herself.
SalandreJerenity989's avatar
Fluttershy made that face once.
TooCliched's avatar
I want ze buk! 
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Daring Do: There's rumors the location of the lost Library Of Alexstranzia has been found! Thousands of lost books, scrolls, & manuscripts! Would you like to join me in this dangerous expe-uh, Twilight? Twilight? *waves hoof in front of face* Twiiilight...?
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It's Fujoshi!!! D: XD hehehehehe
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I'm ShannaImprov, and I approve this cuteness :heart: !
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