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What's Your Major?

"Architecture? Wow. That's really cool."

I suppose they met in college. They look like they would.

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Freckles? I don't remember Night Light with freckles... :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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I had a headcanon that he was a royal guard assigned to look after her when She was Celestia's best pupil
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How they made until they're married. :)
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I love Night Light's little freckles
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I wanna have a architecture job too!
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So Twilight and Shining's parents are College sweethearts? :)
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It would be awesome to get a backstory of each of the Mane 6's parents...
They did one for Pinkie I think.....


Plot Twist: AJ's parents never came back after AJ was 4............. Supposingly trying to stop someone stealing their apples

Plot Twist 2: Celestia was responsible and is covering up the evidence....
I always thought they met on a diplomatic mission to Saddle Arabia gone south. He one of the diplomatic support staffs, and she using a military posting to pay for university. Then one dramatic escape into the half romantic/ half insane desert and maternity discharge later, boom marriage and shining in a carriage.

But this also works well, and makes sense given the family.
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You didn't write a story with that plotline, did you? Cause if you didn't... well, I write fan fiction, and I'm looking for some ideas.
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Given their studious personalities and the way their children turned out, I'd even wager they're both professors now! XD My headcanon for them kinda resembles my own parents.
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I really hope they can back and get some speaking rolls in new episodes.
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Whoo! Been waiting for this thing to continue for a while. Good to see.
Is he the one who designed the Hoofington Sports Arena?
I can't wait to see how sure Velvet is that she's never having children. Or getting married for that matter.
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...And that's how I've met your mother :heart: !
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:iconnappaplz: Child Psychology.
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It's chemistry. He just makes these models for fun.
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Ask her oooooooout!
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so thats how they meet
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