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If I recall right, andypriceart prefers the Apple Horse. Happy Birthday, Andy Price.

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Oh no it's a secret apple deal!
ThirstyBoi39's avatar
candy rice
sandy dice
handy slice
dandy lice
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"We're just...bobbin'n fer apples."
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Just a new ship that I'm conjuring up. ;P
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Not sure that ship will work since Andy Price, the artist for the MLP: FIM comics, is married and I'm pretty sure he's drawn his wife with him in some comics.
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That's why mine is a joke. :O
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Really awesome! :thumbsup:
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No funny business, you two! =P
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I prefer Applejack, as well, andypriceart  good choice!
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Bless you, Andy Price. Your comics justified Lunamac shipping.
Shine on, you crazy diamond.
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I thought this was Twilight's dad for some reason and I was like: Wat?
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That would be messed up
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I've seen better.
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*Horse Bussines* :v
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