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We Did Everything Together

"I taught her how to fly a kite."

Holy crap, you guys. TWILIGHT IS NOT DEAD. NO!

Remember how Twilight sang about her never-previously-seen brother and made us all cry in the opening minutes of the show? What if Shining Armor felt the same the time Twilight had to go to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns? Sure, it was in Canterlot, but... Oh, don't ruin the moment.

Last in my "Summer of Shining" series. This piece happened as a by-product of "My Brother, My Hero". Creating this made me well up inside. Twice.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Why is the space inside Twilight's tail and back leg completely white? Did you have Twilight on a white background and then forget to take that part out?
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Why do you bring up the past
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this has to be one of the cutiest pics i've ever seen in my life! 
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I know how Shining Armour feels...
Me : aww you poor little colt , come here

Shining : ( sobs ) I want her to come back

Me : I know how much you miss her shining , but she' s growing and she started magic school already , she will be home whenever she can come home .

Shining : let's hope ( sobs )

Amazing pic BTW :)
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Big Brother wants his Little Sister back!
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Aw... How cute!
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Have you ever considered changing your filly Twi muzzle style?
I feel its the only thing that's stopping this from being a home run in cuteness every time.
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I believe I made this before I revised my filly facial structure.
Also my intention is not to kill, just to maim.
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You should ALWAYS go for the KILL.
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i wishes that happen in show so i can likes shining armor without hating him
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Okay, Twilight is not dead, but I am.
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not a tear was shed when I watched that scene...I'm a heartless monster, aren't I?
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Awwwwwwwwww :"""""( and you said the one I made was sad...
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I hope we get to find out more about him and the rest of twilight's family. Did they always live in canterlot? And how old was shining armor when twilight was born? A episode of him visiting Ponyville in current time mixed with flashbacks to him as a kid exploring it before any of the mane 6 were around could be interesting.
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Yeah, but really, the odds of an episode like that are extremely low.
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Yeah, especially with the current rumor of more episodes outside of ponyvile. Still i'm very exited to have more of the show coming:)
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Yeah, that would be pretty cool. We definitely know that Season 3 will be more than 13 episodes...
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Thats adorable. But Twi looks kinda weird :/
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This would have been several times more saddening had there been a tombstone
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