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Warm Cider Friends

By dm29
"Thought you might like these, Rainbow."

AJ does something unexpected for Rainbow Dash, and she gets something unexpected in return.

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dm29 Ashleigh Ball sisters!
FlamingPheonix2210's avatar
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Awww!! Applejack is becoming sweeter. #appledash 
TheDreweMaster's avatar
Rainbow finally gets the cider! :D
ElwisFromPoland's avatar
One of the probably best gifts AJ did to Dash. :P
WerewolfConfess's avatar
That's very cute. ^_^
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"warm cider" conjures a gross image in my head. maybe it's just me.

and this deviation might be because of that RariJack and AppleDash poll!!! :O_o:
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I hope that wasn't the same cider Shining drank.
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Awww. AJ sure knows how to please Dashie.
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I think RD is too easy to please.
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That's not a bad thing. But she's awful when she doesn't get what she works for. Case in point: preventing winter.
rautamiekka's avatar
What's that supposed to mean ? O.o
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Sorry, it seems I misunderstood. I thought you made a dirty joke.
rautamiekka's avatar
A misunderstanding only.
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Awww. Little Dashie gets some cider after all this time. ^^
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That's so cute! Rainbow Dash the adorable drunk =p
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Rainbow Dash Licking gif THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Applejack - Hurpaderp I'm just glad Cider Season is over.
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Dashie and AJ so cute!
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