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Wait... Come Back...

"T-Twilight? Is that...? Twilight, where're you going? Twi?"

Reiteration: This was made before and WITHOUT knowing jack about the storyline of Friendship Games.

No, I didn't watch it live but Yes, I have since and know everything about it and NO I don't think it was better than RAINBOW ROCKS.
In the meantime, I vectored New Sunset and Prep Twilight, and plan to have them around for a while, especially since I saw the movie.


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Look Flash, we know that you, just like the rest of CHS, are still trying to come to grips with the whole "two Twilights" thing, but Sci-twi here is not the Twilight you knew and cared about. She doesn't know you, so you're just embarrassing yourself here............................ Plus, Sci-twi's pretty much already gay for Sunset....... so there's that too.
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"Sci-twi's pretty much already gay for Sunset"

That's not confirmed. Sorry to break it to you.
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*kisses both Sunset and Twilight* swag~
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I think Sunset is a little too defensive over Flash meeting Twilight. Like, suspiciously so.
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No, Flash, you can't rush in like that, if you want her, friendship with her must start all over again. Relationship will be earned if you go well with her nicely.
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It was totally spot on but really I think we all saw that Sci-twilight wasn't going to be into him but for some reason some fans choice to ignore it.. lol.. Maybe the next one though I hope not.. It was fun watching him get shot down royally by Sci-Twilight and it would allow me to ship the Sunscience that is sure to come.. heh...
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It injured itself in its confusion!
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Flash is confused!
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He injured himself in his confusion!
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Poor Flash, he must be amazingly confused with all this.
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Ice Altair : Flash, that not twilight, the Twilight I know she never wear glasses.
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Waaaah! :( (Sad) CURSE YOU! (sigh) one day everypony one day  
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:( (Sad) Poor Flash...........Giggle JUST KIDDING!!!!!
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some points I wonder if Flash ever figured out it wasn't his Twilight he kept running into.
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I watched the movie last night, and it was AWESOME! I was even sweating after the EPIC climax that I'm not going to give it away. I can't wait 'til it comes out on DVD and on Netflix.
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...Epic climax?  What are you?  10?
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Sunset: "ah shes with me now....uh yeah thats right, we are a thing" (Think fast Shimmer, good work)
PrepTwi: "WHAT
Real twilght:*blushes* "oh well...if you say so"


Twiset xoxox
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You guys love showcasing the shit artists dont you
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Twilight shrugged! XD
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Nice work!

I'm not gonna lie, I've never seen any of the Equestria Girls movies. I better start doing so...
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Flash was useless like always, scilight wanted nothing to do with him, twilight herself didn't even talk to him and showed zero interest in him and the only person who even gave him a smidgen of comfort was Derpy, I'm waiting to see what excuses/retarded thought process you're going to use to try and explain how Flash and Twilight are "madly in love".

Why don't you and other's like you just accept that Flashlight is never going to be a thing, and honestly the way you self insert yourself into Flash is fucking creepy, really makes me wonder how messed up you are.
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i agree hw was useless but you dont have to be an ass about it, let him ship what he wants this fandom has shipped characters with less chemistry, like the background ponies who's only interaction is standing next to each other. 
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