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Untitled MLP Season 5 Episode Composite

By dm29
Pony Joe: "Do you, Twilight Sparkle, take this stallion to be your husband?"
Twilight: "I do."
Pony Joe: "And do you, Flash Sentry, take this mare to be your wife?"
Flash Sentry: "Totally, brah."

If M.A. Larson wishes to play games, then play games we shall! A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME.
Who's ready for another pony wedding in Season 5?

As retweeted by the man himself. Be careful what you wish for, M.A. Larson.

Is this real? No. It's a joke on top of another joke by M.A. Larson. See above.
Why was this posted on April 2nd? Because it was a full 24 hours after M.A. Larson's joke by the time this was done. See above.
Why is Pony Joe officiating the wedding? Because it was part of M.A. Larson's joke. See above.
Where is the Mane Six? Somewhere else. They aren't in the picture for two reasons.
Reasons? I wanted Twilight's parents there and I didn't want to vector 5 dresses.
Who's the kid? Is that their kid? The orange colt is First Base. Non-canonically Flash Sentry's brother.
But I don't like Flash Sentry... Not my fault. Prejudices aside, Flash had to be in this one for the joke to work. See above.

Renamed. Formerly "Untitled MLP Season 5 Episode Screengrab", but some of you are too real.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters
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A perfect match and the perfect pair
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this would be a great idea! Castle Guard Flash Sentry Hi Ya Emoticon. twilight sparkle EqG (ah) plz 
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2nd april 
1st april
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tony: nooooooooooo D:
twilight: calm down im married

tony: then who is that

twilight:the of  fanart me silly
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I love how freaking uncomfortable everyone looks at this. Especially Cadance.
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I wished that happened. But I can still hope.
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This is shit. And I'm sorry.
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May I use this as cover-art for a story i am putting up on
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You wouldn't be the first. Go ahead. 
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Crazy Question: What do you think might be happening to Flash in the Fallout Equestria Fanfic? I know that Fallout Equestria takes action before Twilight became an Alicorn, but its not like by that time Flash wasn't born yet
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PLOT TWIST I hope this actually happens!!
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Please Hasbro, make it Canon.
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I hope this NEVER happens in the Show! If it does, I will be very upset, because I think the right time for Twilight to be with someone is in the series finale, and that person(or Dragon) should be Spike, NOT Flash Sentry! Do you all remember what happened in Rainbow Rocks? If not, let me remind you. Flash Sentry yelled at Twilight and made her cry! That proves that Flash Sentry is a jerk. And I'm pretty sure the Pony version of Flash has the same personality as Human Flash. Twilight obviously only likes him for his looks, which I find pretty dumb. I will admit I am the same way in RL, but this is a cartoon. And Spike only likes Rarity for her looks aka her mane, which is dumb. I think that Spike should date somepony that has a pure heart and somepony he has known for a super long time, and that somepony is Twilight. Not to mention Spike is nothing like other dragons, and he is probably the nicest dragon you will ever meet, which is what Twilight should realize, and she should not just focus on the looks, and more on the heart, and the perfect person(or Dragon) with just that is Spike. And that is Why Spike and Twilight should be together as a couple, and NOT Twilight and Flash or Spike and Rarity.
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.... Bro, flash was under the spell of the sirens.... Not only that i think parents would complain about how an adult marrying a child, saying how it's subliminally hinting pedophilia.....
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Fine, maybe Flash was under a spell, but it's still the Amourshipping of MLP, and I'm pretty sure that Twilight is NOT an Adult. Judging by how she looks as a human, I would say she's around 16 or 17. And Spike is about 13 or 14. Not that much of an age difference. It's ONLY a 3 year age difference, which is the same age difference between Sonic and Amy, with Sonic being 15 and Amy being 12, Although I'm pretty sure that Amy's gotta be at least 16 by now. But anyway, getting back to MLP. The only person/pony I could see Flash getting together with would have to be either Rarity or Sunset Shimmer, although probably Rarity since Sunset Shimmer is my girlfriend in my fanfiction, just saying.
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She's a teen in a the human world, but by judging in the pony world at how the mane six have their own homes, jobs, or whatever that they're adults. When was the last time you saw a fifteen year old with that?
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Well, you gotta remember, this IS in a fictional universe, which means that things that we have here could be different there. For example, In this universe, the real world, we can't get actual jobs until 18, but Maybe in Equestria Ponies are allowed to have jobs earlier than that. For example, Applejack can have her job of taking care of the Apple Farm at Age 17, which is most likely how old she is. And Rainbow Dash can probably become the pony to clear all clouds in Cloudsdale and control at like Age 16. And Fluttershy, well all she really does is take care of Animals, so that's not really much of a job, but I DO know that Fluttershy is 1 year older than Pinkie Pie, which would make Fluttershy about 17, and Pinkie Pie 16. Rarity is probably about 17. And finally, we come to Twilight, where I'm pretty sure it's clear that her official job now is being the Princess of Friendship. So she's probably about 16. The reason I say that they're all teenagers is because their voices sound like the voice a teenage girl could possibly have, and I'm pretty positive that Twilight Does NOT get younger when she becomes a Human, because that makes NO sense whatsoever. So Like I said before, since she looks like a teenager as a human, and goes to a High School like a teenager would, I can safely say that Twilight Sparkle is 16 years old. Which makes her the same age as Ariel from The Little Mermaid. And Spike is probably about 13, mostly because his voice sounds like the type of voice that a 13 year old boy could have. Well, a cartoon 13 year old boy anyway. But there you go. My Theory is that Twilight and Spike are only 3 years apart in age, and would STILL make the PERFECT couple.
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