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Untitled MLP Season 5 Episode Composite



Pony Joe: "Do you, Twilight Sparkle, take this stallion to be your husband?"
Twilight: "I do."
Pony Joe: "And do you, Flash Sentry, take this mare to be your wife?"
Flash Sentry: "Totally, brah."

If M.A. Larson wishes to play games, then play games we shall! A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME.
Who's ready for another pony wedding in Season 5?

As retweeted by the man himself. Be careful what you wish for, M.A. Larson.

Is this real? No. It's a joke on top of another joke by M.A. Larson. See above.
Why was this posted on April 2nd? Because it was a full 24 hours after M.A. Larson's joke by the time this was done. See above.
Why is Pony Joe officiating the wedding? Because it was part of M.A. Larson's joke. See above.
Where is the Mane Six? Somewhere else. They aren't in the picture for two reasons.
Reasons? I wanted Twilight's parents there and I didn't want to vector 5 dresses.
Who's the kid? Is that their kid? The orange colt is First Base. Non-canonically Flash Sentry's brother.
But I don't like Flash Sentry... Not my fault. Prejudices aside, Flash had to be in this one for the joke to work. See above.

Renamed. Formerly "Untitled MLP Season 5 Episode Screengrab", but some of you are too real.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters
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