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Uninvited Guests

By dm29
"S-sorry, Rainbow Dash..."

You have to feel as frustrated as Rainbow Dash was when her overexcited parents came to fawn over their precious Wonderbolt child.

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Mrgalaxy16's avatar
(((I'll tell Cadence)))
LordChaosX's avatar
A little bit of hazing your future son-in-law, eh Bow?
Celestial-Rainstorm's avatar
My thoughts exactly lol 
FlareEmerald77's avatar
 MLP Shining Armor (Derp) Plz Will some pony please call the police!
jeroen01's avatar
Why is Shining Armor there?
goldorakx69's avatar
wait what shining armor????
Fujin777's avatar
In real life, I believe that parents of sports stars aren't allowed into the locker rooms unless they've been cleared by security.
Diana173076's avatar
wait, Shining Armor?
maskmaster64's avatar
ow that's gotta hurt but image it in the sack *grunts and tries not to laugh*
GallantServer's avatar
Shining Armor! What are you doing?! 

Bo! What are you doing?!

What the hay is goin' on?!
Is it awkward if your parents want to join in on your romantic relationships?
CrazyBrothersStyleR2's avatar
rainbow dash has no relationship with soarin. That's ridiculous.
Eonity's avatar
Oh lord. I just noticed Shining Armor in the background...
Chiyawa's avatar
Rainbow's dad: And he squeal like a girl. He has got potential.
Silence-Ell's avatar
Is that Shining Armor tied up in Spitfire's office...? What in the...
CrazyBrothersStyleR2's avatar
no soarin is with spitfire. 
Setakarn's avatar
No, soarin has no relationship with spitfire, stop saying nonsense.
Chiyawa's avatar
Bea ha ha. Yeah, it all started at the wrong situation...
DeskManiac's avatar
What's going on in the background??
Wireball's avatar
Heh, not sure when the artist added this to the description, but:
Related: Spitshine: Resistance is Futile
DeskManiac's avatar
Oh now I get it...
dksponge13's avatar
Whoa, what happened to ol Shiny there? Did Dashie's mom glomp him or something? 😮😨
alexwarlorn's avatar
Cadence, "DIIIIIIEEEE!!!!!!"
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