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Um... I Like Coffee...

Twilight Velvet attempts to make conversation.

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I see where Twily inherited her social awkwardness (especially around handsome stallions.) ;)
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Let's have a drink then. :)
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This ship doesn't have enough fan art, I love Twilight's parents! 
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Points guns " gimme all your coffee or die "
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I like coffee too! =P
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"And so it begins!"
"Next time, on How I Met Your Mother"
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Adorkableness runs in the family!
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On my screen it looks like a flying saucer because the bobble is so white that there is no contrast between it and the cup. 
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Best pickup line!
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Night Light: Really?

Twilight Velvet: ........ *shakes head* No, not really....

Night Light: Neither do I. *smiles*

Twilight Velvet: *returns the smile*

:iconpinkiepieexcitedplz: :iconsays3plz: And that was how Equestria was made!
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My favorite couple on the show, they just look like they were drawing for each other, hey wait, I guess they were...

Very cute piece of art...
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Twilight's parents' love story
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Nightlight: "Okay. Hey you want to make alicorn baby now?"
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He seems like the type of guy who would just NOT be able to take any hints.
Just like me, it could happen to me and I would just not get the hint.
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This is super adorable, you must have put a lot of thought into designing younger versions of them. :D It's also very well drawn, with a nice and unique style! Great job! balloon  
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