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Twily Wants Upsies

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Are you just gonna leave her on the floor, or what?

I'm trying my hand at making these distorted perspective things. I might get a full series out of this. She wants to be carried by Shining Armor, naturally.

More cruel, animated gif here: [link]

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Everytime I see this I always cry, and want to really pick her up and hug her.

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Can I make this into base?
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Oh geez, how can I say no to this?
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RDJ1995Student Filmographer
*picks up Twilight and cuddles her*
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VioletFox501Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Oh... Twily... Of course I love you! come over here!" *pics her up and hugs her*
"I love you."
"I love you too; my little Twily..."
*kisses her chic*
ninjagirl99204's avatar
Can't.Take.The.Cuteness!!(Reach down and give twilight a hug):3
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Danisnotonfire: FEELS  it hurts so much AHHH I CANT TAKE IT *squeezes twilight and gives a hug and kiss on the forehead*
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Seriously, if I took a shot for every *picks up n hugglz* or *dies from cyutnes*, I would become totally wrecked in the first 7 minutes...

But ok, it's Filly Twily, so it's sorta understandable.
If this were Filly Flutters, I wouldn't even fucking drink in the first place...
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Season-the-WiccanHobbyist General Artist
Can I do a recolor of this for one of my OCs?
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dm29Hobbyist Digital Artist
no please do not do recolours or make bases of my work. they remove the original message from its piece.
Season-the-Wiccan's avatar
Season-the-WiccanHobbyist General Artist
Monkeyrofl901's avatar
Awww.  C'mere, you.  (picks her up, hugs her, and pets her)
mksub-zero's avatar
*picks Twilight up and cuddles her* Its alright Twilight, don't cry.
Artsy-Purple-Lover87's avatar
Artsy-Purple-Lover87Professional Digital Artist
*pick her up and cuddles* its OK twily.....
mightysmiter1's avatar
mightysmiter1Hobbyist Artist
This is my niece.
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Snowcub1991Hobbyist Digital Artist
*picks twily up and squeezes her* so CUTE!!!!!!Love is a mystery Stoked 
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angusyoung3Hobbyist Photographer
:iconhnnnngplz: the cuteness! it kills!!!
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Yes, I will leave her on the floor, thank you very much. Why not, you ask? Because IT'S NOT MY JOB TO WATCH HER! HIRE A DANG BABYSITTER!
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FallenShadow000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*picks up Twily and tickles her tum-tum* There, better? =P
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arcader1Hobbyist Artist
*picks up twily* there we go :)
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ChameleonMan55Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Picks her up, hugs her and kisses her on the forehead* 
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LovelessReaperHobbyist Traditional Artist
The link to the gif is no good. I clicked it twice.
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"Come here You little cutie you" pick her up and hug her "it'll be okay it was just a bad dream silly"
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