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Twilight's New Digs

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"Here, Twily. 'Maretha Steward's Good Horsekeeping'. Volumes 1 and 2."

I thought doing this would be nice. Twilight moving in to her new place with the help from all her friends, including Discord. It's not like I like her new castle or anything...DAMMIT BOOKHORSE.

(There's only one bookshelf because I didn't want to clutter the scene with a nice helping of ponies.)

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Spike is like ''What a cute story! I bet this would happend to me and Rarity when I'll grow up.''

And Rarity is like ''Oh my.... This story is really strange and stupid. Anyways, who would love a story like that?''
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love book

and discord tail lol
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Moving in probably wasn't very complicated, considering Twilight's previous home, the library, was destroyed during Tirek's rampage, along with most if not all of her books.
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Rarity does not like what she's reading.
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I made a variant of a hobbit song to this.
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Scratch the cover,
bend the spin,
reorder the selves and
return a book where it's hard to find,
fold the paper
and rip the page
thats what Twilight Sparkle hates!
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Blunt the knives,
bend the forks,
smash the bottles
and burn the corks,
chip the glasses
and smash the plates,
that's what Bilbo Baggins hates!
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Honestly I only had to check. I remembered it off by heart XD
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Do you think that number has enough potential to springboard a story?
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Don't know, don't care XD
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One can NEVER have too many books and friends (Not sure about the former, though, as my own home could attest...)
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Oh, When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a picture of them eating pancakes. :( 
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love it 
Oh discord X3
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Did Discord ever get his powers back? Because it seems counterproductive of the Harmony Box to bring back disharmony. And I don't think Discord was shown having his powers back.
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I think he did.  (It's obvious that he conjured up those flowers he gave to Celestia.)
My headcanon as to why he didn't appear to have them is simple:
Twilight's castle is basically Tree of Harmony #2.  As such, all the friendship magic flowing throughout the castle is limiting Discord's powers.

So basically, I think that Discord DOES have his powers back, but whenever he's in Twilight's castle, they're only at a small fraction of what they normally are.
(I can imagine Discord entering Twilight's castle by floating, but as soon as he's actually IN the castle, he plummets to the ground. *XD*)

(Plus, Discord is fully redeemed now.  He's now more "mischief" than "disharmony".)
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That would make more sense.

Ah man, I used the "s" word.
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Look at Discord and Fluttershy!
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