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Twilight's Flying Lesson

By dm29
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This is a lazy rework/update-to-current-events of Scootaloo's Flying Lesson ([link]). It still works.

:star: Double-Drawfriended on EQD (9 Feb): [link]

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Hi there! would you mind if I use this in a comic that I am making? i'll be sure to give you the credit for it! It'll just work perfectly with what I am making ^^ If not that's all right, I just wanted to ask ^~^
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Rainbow Dash: We gotta make this 20% cooler we have to do a resonic rainboom!!! Twilight:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HALPPP MEEE!!!
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Scootaloo: I told you it was a bad idea
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Gaining speed to 400mph in the next 2 seconds
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Would it be alright if I made this into a base? :3
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I can't really stop people from doing bases, but I will not approve of anyone of them because bases take away the original meaning of the art.
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I get what you mean, I won't make one~
Better hang on for dear life Twily. You're about to go for a ride.
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I will be honestly shocked if season four does not have an episode where Twilight learns to fly.
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You and me both...
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that's why RD rules Twilight stays in school
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^_^ Makes me smile.
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can I use this to make a background for a song of mine?
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can i use this please?
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Yes, sorry. What will you be using it for? You can post it up elsewhere but keep it intact and cite the source?
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Use it for?
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For the sake of character development and to make her change easier to cope with hopefully she'll be a terrible flyer and will need lessons from none other than Fluttershy
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Rainbow Dash: MOSHCHNOSTI!
Twilight Sparkle: AARRGGHH, HELP ME!
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Even though we see Twilight flying in the last shot of MMC, I still hope there's an episode where she gets flying lessons.
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yeah... Fluttershy would probably be the better mentor for flying...
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"You're going... too faaaast~!"

"It's never too fast to learn!"

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Whens the new season coming out?

This one was too short.
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