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Tough Luck, Brah.

"Sorry yer team lost, Flash. But it was a fun night, wasn't it?"

Some kind of Super Bowl thing. I'm not into American Football, much less the Super Bowl. If there wasn't that spot where we had the girls appearing in a Super Bowl ad, I probably wouldn't have an excuse to create this.

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I saw this on Google+ It's very cute! :)
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Shining Armor: Indianapolis Colts (Inverted Colors)
Flash Sentry: tennessee Titans
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Shining Armor would be the 1954 Baltimore Colts, or the 2010 Indy Throwbacks.
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Please rugby is an real sport
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I don't keep up with sports, myself, but all I heard about for the following two days was about the game-changing interception.

And the Nationwide commercial. That did NOT work out like they thought.
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Then they kiss... Shipidy Ship Ship!
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even tho i knew my team lost I still watched specifically for the commercials..... that pony one made it well worth it. also my condolences to shining. his sis is going to chew his ear off for being mean to her huggle buddy.
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Awesome work! Must have felt bad to be Flash :D
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Yay, Shining! :happybounce: 
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In my football perfectionist mind, the helmets, more specifically the face masks, but nothing about the art itself
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Too bad I couldn't see the Super Bowl, too late in my country, but I couldn't have seen the commercials anyway :P
Funny pic :D
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I never saw that commercial.... o_O
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Get frikin dominated chucklehead! ~Shining

You suck! ahahahahaha! ~Flash

Guess it wasnt as you'd hoped, heh, mongrel... ~Shining

Aggghhh! ~Flash
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I'm sorry but I feel that if Shining got tackled his horn would break... 
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