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Those Pesky Celestia Kids



"We got you now, fiend!"
"Take this!"

Don't write me letters on how this situation is impossible or how they aren't her children. Queen Chrysalis is so done.

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Celestia: No none of them are my children's but this Young Alicorn is my adopted Niece and this Young Colt is one of our top young Royal Guards plus he the Colt Friend of Cadance!

Chrysalis: just take them!

Cadance: Take this and this and that!

Shining: is no use to resist, you can't …escape?!(Chrysalis a lift them with her magic)

Chrysalis: You have fight spirit both of you, I give you that but if you think you beat evil like this, you terrible mistake!(she throw them right from Celestia) I have a hive to take care!(she fly away)

Cadance&Shining: GET BACK YOU COWARD!

Celestia: This is enough you two but Chrysalis is right, you two need to learn to fight and in a real fight style, not like this.. Shining armor I will ask your mentor to rise you combat training and Cadance I will do the same with you but Right now ,go see Twilight, she worry of both you, we will talk of all this late!(she walk away)

Cadance: … I think aunty Celestia is not happy by our way to try to take down evil..

Shinning: Yeah.. but I am sure one we fight those combat lesson we will do a better job!

Cadance: Yeah but now let go see Twilight!

Royal maid: Princess Cadance!, Little Twilight want to see you and her big Brother!

Twilight: Cadance? Shining? are you ok?

Cadance: Yeah but we fail to stop this evil!

Shining: But we stop her to hurt you or anypony!

Twilight: WOW but of you are strong.. can I become strong to protect other?

Cadance: Of course, You and I learn from aunty Celestia and Shining train with General of all Royal and If Shining continue he will become captain of the guard!

Shining: Thanks Cadance and You Twily take your lesson serious and never give up!

Twilight: Promise Big brother and I am sure Spike can help me in his own way.. well not right now!

Spike: mama!(he hug Twilight)

Twilight: Why he still call me mama? no Spike , is Twilight, Twilight!

Spike: mama Twily!

Twilight: sign..

Cadance: Twilight, Spike is a baby and you are the first creature he see and you and him are tid by your magic is make him very close to you, so is normal he see you as his mother!

Twilight: But I am too young to be a Mother, Everypony will see this weird, I am a Filly!

Shining: No matter, You will be good mother to him but most of all you will be his very First Friend!

Twilight: Friend..?

Cadance: Yes and someday you will found how is important Friendship as Love is Important.. Hmm I wonder who will be your own lover.. well let me tell you this, Lover is Best Friend who will past your live with and be happy, like your mother and Father, both are best Friend and their Friendship a be so strong is become love and is how your mother and father be in love and one day you too will fall in love.. like me and Your brother!

Shining: Yeah but I only hope you do not fall in love with a bad guy!

Twilight: Fall in love a bad guy Gross! beside I have my study to finish first so found love and Friends later! come on let go eat something!

10 years later.

Twilight: I can't believe how silly I be to not found love or Friendship and not believe is important.. sign silly I use to me!

Flash sentry: Eh I not be better, I be Focus I train to be a Royal and good care my little Brother and I never Believe Friends can be so important and the same for love, as First I wanted to finish my training and care to found Friends and love late.. well look fate decide for us is time to us to found love and Friends.. If I never fall in love with You, I will never me my Friends and Funny all them are the Colt Friends of Your Friends

Twilight: Yeah Funny is, fate decide for me to become a Princess when I wanted be a Great mage like

Stars swirl... well I do remember when I be Filly before be Celestia student, in my old school I wanted be Princess like Celestia but every pony laugh of me.. and i give of want be a Princess .. well who got the last laugh ha ha ha!

Spike: yeah, even school of magic, some say you will never be a Princess and look you now and by the way dinner is ready!

Twilight: Coming!

Flash sentry: Yeah we coming.. I wonder who will date my little Brother.. Maybe Apple bloom?

Twilight: let time tell us!

Flash sentry: Right.. But I wonder what this Formal Changeling queen is doing?

Starlight: she most planning her revenge on her!

Twilight & Flash look Starlight and be surprise to see her say this like is not a big deal and not be worry.