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This Feels New

Spike has them wings now. Congration.

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wings the riser!

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And Spike has a wet dream.
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Puberty hits really... hard.
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Wingboner? :o
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Spike (i love you maybe) plz: She likes me! She really likes me! Spike happy at last...! 
Better get that wing balm from Rainbow Dash... >.<
Bandicoot-Sauce's avatar
It's VERY important Spike gets that balm. Lol!
*Slowly realizes the joke and then gasps*

Oh God....
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Wow, she is dense.
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Yeah, considering -everyone- should already know any being with wings can get wingboners.
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So then this new feature for Spike is now the double-edge sword effect.
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the return of the wing boner
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wing boners~ Hehe...,, Emote 
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...that won't help with the stiffness, Rarity. So thus begs the big question: would Rarity really want to know why? Twilight (Sly Smile) Plz 
IDK what you mean by that but I don't think I wanna' know.
that'll only make them stiffer!
great picture!
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Good thing Rarity never date a pegasus 
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He'll learn.  Eventually.  :laughing:
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