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The Tasty Truck

Saffron Masala and Pinkie Pie got a food truck and they brought The Tasty Treat to Ponyville!
Curry tacos. Mmm...

Let me put it this way, I love vectoring food. A lot.

This was the "spicy" piece in my poll from last week, by the way.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Now they can follow around Zesty Gourmand and ruin her day!
arthunter3's avatar
At least until she gets a restraining order.
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To paraphrase her dad, welcome to The Tasty Truck. Eat from here or not. Who cares? EqG Pinkie Pie (Wink wink nudge nudge) Plz  WE do, silly! Pinkie pie crazed smile sprite

Agreeing Soarin icon : DUUUUUDE! That smells SO GOOD!

Rainbow Dash (Aww) Plz
: They taste just as awesome, Soarin.

Pinkie pie (Yep) plz : Okey dokey lokey... two curry tacos for Clipper and Crash!

Rainbow Dash (angry) #2 plz : WHAT?!?

Pinkie pie (lick cream) plz
: And two fresh fried chimi-cherry-changas for me! (nom nom nom sounds)
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I thought they were making falafels, i imagined those would be more of Saffron's specialty
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Falafels are Middle Eastern, though. Saffron Masala, name and depiction, is South Asian.
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I wish the Tasty Truck would visit my neighborhood.
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Wait... Did you just add Soarin and Twilight back there :O or were they there all along and I didn't even notice them?!?!?!?!
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OMGG! I havent noticed Soarin!!<3
Coobalt-Dahonli-One's avatar
Reminds me of that Hot Dog Bush minigame on Y8. =D
Charmless-Crescent97's avatar
You wouldn't happen to be hiring would you?
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Spicy indeed.

Now where can I find an Indian food...
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O if only i could made indian food [XP].
so who's running the tasty treat?
PeaFlower4ever's avatar
Surprising that I don't see Sonata in this picture.
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
We have food trucks all over Portland over here. This reminds me of them.

Except you forgot the fact that the pony working the grill is going to be sweating on it. I don't mind though. A little extra salt never hurt nopony.
Mmm look tasty.
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I like Saffron Masala.
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Rainbow Dash: "where did that bat come from?"
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It's great to see Pinkie and Saffron having a wonderful time making such delicious food for all of the citizens of Ponyville.  However, this was also the day that the Ponyville Sanitation Office would NEVER forget!!!
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