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"Why do these ponies have nothing but clothing on? This lady must be afraid of sand in her bottoms."

Uh oh, somepony has discovered Shining Armor's secret stash of research materials. Back away slowly, Shining Armor. Go get the cookie jar.

Artist's note: Swimare Magazines would decidedly be like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions. That's not Applejack. That's an orange pony with a sunhat.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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I'm glad that's the artist's signature between Twily's tail and the doorframe rather than *ahem* something else. 😶

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Big brother what are these comics and why are all the character all girls in bathing suits
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Twilight is too young to get it but when she be older this where she finally get it, but hey this will give her idea how to please Flash sentry!
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Shining Armor: SnooPINGAS usual, I seeTRIGGERED PINGAS - Emoticon

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*gasp* Twilight! You're not supposed to be looking at these kind of magazines! :omfg:
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Shiny must've stolen them from his dad.
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"Uhh... that's not mine. I holding on to it for a friend." :iconliarjackplz:
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Uh oh......crap is about to hit the fan..
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haahahahah very funny
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Hold on a second!  Do I see Applejack on one of the covers?  Isn't she just a filly at this point?
Shining, I think the guard might have a few questions for you.
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oh no twilight found the Stash quick Shining Armor do something
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Ok note to self: Keep magazines somewhere else!
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HAHAH! Poor shining Armor!
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Oh snap! Shining Armor! You have some explaining to do! XD
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