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The Prince of Darkness


I did Shin... Ar... Vamp... SHINING DRACULARMOR a while back, but didn't have a use for him, until here, where he steals the princess in typical Transylvanian fashion and takes her to et cetera. 

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Look out for the angry mob, Shining! Oops! Oops! 
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Wow. First Flutter, now Shining? ^^
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*Appears as a Frankenstein-Like Monster* 

Rrrrerr! Shiny, Jacc friend! 
Puny ponies try to hurt jacc friend!
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AJ: they've crossed the line it's time that we attack.
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Twilight: Breaking Dawn?
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Bat ponies! FTW!
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Could you do one like this where shining is normal?
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This kinda reminds me of Twilight.
Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle
Not you! =P (Razz) 
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 he is the real PRINCE OF THE DARKNESS…
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Oh sweet Celestia... First the Flutterbat, now THIS!?

(Nice job by the way ;) )
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"Do you ponies mind?! I'm with my wife, you voyeuristic trash!"
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Ozzy Osbourne? (please tell me no one else made that joke yet.....)
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The fanfics are coming...
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Seriously, Shining Armor? It's like a bad Pony/Twilight joke...
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SA: "No, it's not! We're butch compared to that shit!" (Award yourself a cookie if you got the reference.)
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Didn't get it...

...and no he's not; with the exception of Flash Sentry, Shining Armor is probably one of the worst, least-developed, and pathetic characters in the show.
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He just doesn't have much cameo.
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Well you're actually pretty right, i mean:

Cadence is a random new Alicorn princess who is married to the brother of the main character, Twilight Sparkle.

Shinning Armor is a random new sibling who claims to be the brother of Twilight Sparkle and is the captain of the Royal guards, also is married to a princess.

If the both were OC's, they will be Mary-sues. 
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