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The Pair That Reads Together...

"There. That there. That's my favourite part."

A new take on reading over one's shoulder, until Flash needs to breathe.
Hi, Owlicious.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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What I wouldn't give to be Flash Sentry.
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An ambiguous picture (at least for me)
Second title- "Choosing a cot" xD
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cute!  the MLP staff should take a cue from you and put these two together already!
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Twilight: This is the part in the chapter where LittlePip meets Homage for the first time.

Flash: I'm sure it will be great. Remember how we first met?


Twilight: You mean you already know!?!? Aw man! I hoped we could read this together without any spoilers.

Flash: Dang it! I'm sorry Twilight. No more spoilers though. Cross my heart
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Cute i hope that happens to me one day
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I don't know if Flash can handle Twilight when it come to book :la: Nice pic btw 
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I don't think he cares,as long as Twilights happy he's happy
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Flashlight:  Endorsed by dm29, approved by Owlowicious.
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"Heeeere's where she meets Prince Charming, but she won't discover that it's him till chapter threeeee." :) 
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This is my dream relationship.
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did you make the background for this?
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Yes. It's referenced from the show, but I make it a point to do my own backgrounds. 
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could I possibly use it?
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Kyaaaaa! What are you doing twilight! In public! How can you! Hibiya Amamiya-01 (Shy Blush) [V2] 

She is totally humping flash...
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I'm now on the corner of oh street and my gosh avenue cause this is just to cute. 
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OMG they're so cute T_T
I wish they could be together in the show!!!:heart:
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Leads together. At least that makes some semblance of sense, Twilight being a princess and all.
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:O the Owlicious is spying on them, then reporting it to the Princesses OR Shining Armour!
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Never trusted that vermin before, I bet he can even see with his eyes closed! XD
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And it's now the time for Sentry to run!
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