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The Music In All Of Us

Since all the princesses sung so well in the season closer, why not? Luna's really excited.
Hey! It's a new background! More elaborate but less original than the Crystal Pool, it's the Crystal Castle wife-throwing balcony!

(By looking at this vector and its description, you agree to not ask why there are two missing members of the original Pony Tones quartet.)

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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let the singing begin!Piano :la: 
DoubleBlaze's avatar
look nice

but the outcome of voice...

Scootaloo dice NO Scootaloo dice NO Scootaloo dice NO 
warriorfann's avatar
I have a question wat up with the vests?
zaniaaida's avatar
Thats what they wore in that season 4 episode Filli Vanilli.
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Very cute concept.  And very well done, too. :)

Some fans say they didn't like this episode because of the quartet thing, but I liked it a lot - the song, the four-part harmony, Fluttershy joining in the end-beautiful. :D

I only had one issue with it - The Pony Tones seem to be a one-hit-wounder.  Why?  They have great voices. :)
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yuss, the Crystal Castle Wife-Throwing Balcony!
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Nice work. How's it going?
Queen-Twilight's avatar
me too i love that song
kittykatluvah's avatar
I've got the song stuck in my head now. XD
LaGustieGal's avatar
Cadance has such a beautiful singing voice! She's the pony tone big shot.
Nova-night's avatar
Love this! Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle 
ChaosZero102's avatar
Luna's the best voice of them all.
evangelian007's avatar
Who knew the Celestia and Luna were big fans of the ponytones. :)
Bet their singing voices must sound heavenly.
Istarian's avatar
What's up with Luna's eyes/eyelashes?
Silnev's avatar
The princesses sung? Although thinking back I think I did skip some part that looked like Celestia was about to sing...

Still cool pic. 
wildfang-windchaser's avatar
LUNA sang! go find it on youtube! That's an order! ;)
NerdPonyMod's avatar
you missed a good part then bud.
CrazyExperiment's avatar
omg i dunno why but this makes me laugh
PinkiesPartyGirl's avatar
Fluttermac & happy, excited Luna! Yay!
cajobif's avatar
BEst concert in view. I feel sad for the two other ponies who usually sing in the Ponytones.

Wonderful work
Bouncy-Deerz's avatar
"Crystal Castle wife-throwing balcony"
Made me laugh.

Flip the Table :iconfliptableplz:
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
Where are Torch Song and Toe Tapper?
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