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The Magical Magistrate

"No evil can anticipate the MAGICAL MAGISTRATE!!"

Hot Tip for Fillies! The best costumes can be made out of the pieces in your elder sister's dresser drawers.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Um... Applebloom
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EQG Applejack Icon #17"APPLEBOOBS- I mean APPLEBLOOM!!!"
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Well, AJ is into girls. I mean the ship, RariJack.
Seeker900's avatar
...That ship has nothing to do with this post.
Darkvader2016's avatar
Well, AJ might be shy since her bra is pink and she’s a tomboy.
Seeker900's avatar
That just sounds like a stereotype. 
Not all tomboys are into girls. If anything there are plenty of straight ones out there.
Darkvader2016's avatar
I guess your right. Actually you are right. Watched Jurassic World this year?
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You should. Life finds a Way.
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It's at that moment that Applejack decided her sister needed professional help.
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ScootaBloom is in session!
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Apple Bloom is too young for a bra.

Or is she?
PineyCreek's avatar
Well MLP has always been vague about ages. At best we know Fluttershy is a year older than Pinkie Pie and that Celestia and Luna are at least over a thousand years old.
Cryptid-Daydreamers's avatar
a bit creepy but

scootaloo's face

oh my god
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Bonnie Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's : uhhhh did i miss anything applejack or am i going crazy
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my question is where did the tiara come from?
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:iconapplejackreally::iconsaysplz:..... Sugar cube, we need to talk.:iconsays-endplz:
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Scootaloo's face is the best.
GunnurBoyExo's avatar
Lol Sweetie & Scoot's reaction, oh Applebloom you got them Apples. XD
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