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The Love of the Game

Aw, look at the Royal Couple.

I kinda wanted to release this during the Super Bowl... but then there was Valentine's Day. So there was the conflict over which day would've been more important. Anyway, I love Cadance in a baseball cap.

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imagine after Shining and Cadance kiss, the KissCam points a little downwards and it's aimed at Flash and Twilight. Double the Romance :D

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*horn noises*
Twilight: Do you want to do the same thing?
Flash: Maybe, in private.
*walks away*
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Dude, I love this so much!
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Do they even realize that they're being seen by everypony there?
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They were making out before the camera turned to them  XD
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This probably won't end well
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Everypony is jelly
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awwwww so sweet  ^^
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The way you draw pony faces...
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because the broncos won.
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Best Het Couple and Worse Het Couple!
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And all of Equestria will now see this unfold

-look at Kisscam-
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Hoofball? The Equestrian World Series?

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i wish for yaoi in MLP
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Cute and awesome!!!
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the old classic ballpark makeout jumbo-tron
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