The Glimmer in His Eyes

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"Thanks for the hard work, Starlight!"
"And to the rest of you!"

Starlight Glimmer chuckles as her fellow village-mates head out of the Sugar Belle Bistro. She had been paying her dues for her past mistakes since her return to the village by helping any way she could, all with a sincere heart.

Her return was met with scepticism at first, even with the alicorn princess's blessing. Nopony really wanted her back, but they guessed they could use the extra hooves regardless, rebuilding lives around the village after those revelations.

A month after, the villagers begun warming up to the idea of a reformed Starlight Glimmer and were less scornful of her. Things were beginning to change.

Starlight Glimmer, however, sighs a little, knowing her past misdeeds were a weight on her back that can't be easily lifted, no matter how many tables she waited.

"Thanks for your help, Starlight. And I mean that."
"Not a problem, Sugar Belle.", Starlight answers, smile soon wavering with despair.
"Look, it's alright." reassures Sugar Belle. "You don't have to beat yourself up about it. You did become a little crazy but some of us here are starting put it behind us."
"But what I did was unforgettable. Unforgivable."
"Oh, come now, Starlight. We all make mistakes."
"Ugh. Maybe, but..."

A moment's silence. Sugar Belle attempts to add on the encouragement, but was cut short by the sound of a patron entering the bistro.

"Oh, hi!" Sugar Belle greets the customer. "Welcome to the Sugar Belle Bistro. I'm Sugar Belle. Could I get you a table for...?"

"Just one."

Starlight Glimmer knew that voice, as it echoed the mostly empty bistro. She looked up at the pony with the blazing orange coat at the door.

The orange stallion looks back at Starlight, scanning her from head to tail, before his face lights up.

"S-Starlight?! Is that you? It's me, Sunburst! Oh golly, how've you–"

"Don't.", says Starlight, recoiling. "Don't pretend like you know me."


Starlight feels her spirit quivering with overwhelming emotion. Her newfound life and rekindled friendships she could deal with, but not with him. She wanted to forget. She wanted out. She shoves the stallion aside and bolts out the door.

Calls of "Starlight" fades away as she goes farther and farther away from the bistro.

Starlight kept going. She wanted to get away. Far away.


A bright flash blinds Starlight from the path ahead and she collides with whatever teleported in her way. She struggles to get back on her hooves, but is held tight. She struggles more.

"Star! Star, it's me!"
"No! I'm not letting you go! What's gotten into you?"

"YOU! YOU DID! You did..."

Where did you go... by dm29

Sunburst feels a dampness in his chest. Starlight was weeping, muzzle digging deep into his coat.

"Hey, hey. It's alright. I didn't mean to–"

"You left me, Sunburst. You left me."

"You left. You got your dumb cutie mark and suddenly you didn't need me anymore."

Sunburst picks up Starlight and holds her as tears run down his cheeks.

"That's not true, Star."

"I did need you, but we just fell apart. We grew distant. And then I know I left for Canterlot. But by the time I got home, you weren't there..."

"I'm really sorry things became this way. I wish I was a better friend to you. I never wanted anything coming between us."

Starlight begins to let out a few things.

"Sunburst," goes Starlight, "from the day you left I wasn't the same. You need to know that I've done some really hurtful things. I ran this village. Took control based on the fact I never wanted anything to change. When I saw the bigger picture, I wasn't blaming anypony anymore. The hopelessness, the despair... Most of what I created here is gone now. I don't know if any part of me still remains."

"That doesn't matter to me. Is the Star I know still around? The Star who's smart and strong-willed? The Star I remember?"

There was a long pause. Was she ready to move on despite all that she'd done? Starlight wasn't confident with any outcome she put together in her head, but decided to take a hoof forward.

"I guess she is."

He looks at her, wiping a tear from her face.

"That's the Star I know."

Sunburst kisses her on the forehead, and hugs her close.

"I've missed you so much."

Don't Cry, Starlight by dm29
Since the end of the latest season, I wanted to pen a short story about Starlight and Sunburst. It didn't have to be romance, and I guess I tried not making it that here. Two friends who miss each other a lot.


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Sunburst: Did you really travel through time?
LunarStar842's avatar
Starlight's (I Wish Response): YEAH AND I MURDERED EQUESTRIA U HAPPY? XDSunburst (Shocked) 
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is cu...tho not shure abou—Oh, BUCK, this is so cu!
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That was very well written. You've got a good flair for the dramatic when it comes to your writing and I'd honestly like to see more of it. ^^
dyingin7's avatar
Hopefully sunburst does come around season 6
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
Yup, this was win.
You should write more fanfics. You're good at writing. You have a strong voice.

But skepticism is spelled with a "k" and not a second "c". =p
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that's the filthy American English spelling
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar

To us it looks like it's pronounced scepter like the scepter of darkness from Sonic '06.
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Nothing short of an excellent piece.
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What a very sweet fanfic about Starlight and Sunburst. I hope that REALLY happens on Season 6!
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This really is more a scene than a story, honestly. It really jumps around a lot with lines that could be several paragraphs of story. In order to justify Starlight's anxiety about being treated badly for her actions you really need a thing or two to happen to reinforce that concern. In addition adding such a case gives the other mare the opportunity to either validate or invalidate the other pony's reaction and to reassure Starlight that things can/will/have changed. Then when Sunburst shows up, the reader would understand why she is rebuffing his advances: she thinks that the problem was with how she was behaving/thinking. At that point, there is now conflict between them. He (seemingly) misses her and appreciated her for what she was prior to this. She, on the other hand, wants to put that behind her somehow (as if you could change your personality) and doesn't appreciate being reminded of how she got herself in the present position/situation/circumstances. At that point he has, among other things, to either move on from their previous relationship, or, as he does here, insist that regardless of her actions being wrong, misguided, etc that doesn't mean that there is something intrinsically wrong with her and that he still likes her.

It kind of feels like romance even if it wasn't meant that way, what with the hugging and kissing. The reaction seems a little outsize for friends.
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i feel a lot of this was implied and didn't really need to be explained further. you did watch the episodes this was based on, right?
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I forget, perhaps I didn't or maybe I just don't recall details. Still, there's no reason to not write in ways that don't require you to have seen a particular episode.
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That was beautiful!
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Wouldn't Twilight have meet him at some point? They went to school together. He should  have been in the background during Twilight's memories involving Moondancer.
I would have laughed if he changed and became a type of pony she was happy she didn't know.
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Seriously, if this isn't an episode in the future, or at least an episode that Sunburst show up, I'm going to be disappointed.

Great work :icongreatjobplz:
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This is so perfect. Well done on this. :happycry:
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That's wonderful.
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Awwwww I ship them <3 
I really hope Sunburst returns <3
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Aww... I ship them
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That was the most heart-touching tear-breaking fanfic I've ever heard.
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How sweet! I hope they make this an episode in Season 6 :)
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