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The Enigma Box

By dm29
A spool of Rainbow Thread, Rainbow Dash's "Wonderbolts are Selfish Jerks" Badge and that weird Rainbow gleam we've been seeing this season. As if things weren't complicated enough. Is it perhaps something to do with... Pinkie Pie? What does it all mean?

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Congratulations, you realized since before the spool of thread and the wonderbolts medal were the keys
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XD She rammed the Twicane into one of the holes!
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I noticed Twilight had a diagram of the box in the background during Twilight Time. Did anyone else see it?
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i just realised that what the box is made (it's a giant gem) of and how they could have opened it no problem. 
spike could just bit through it, he loves those things! why he never tried is beyond me. 
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The Sixth is that necklace thingy that Discord gave Twilight (last episode of season 4)
Hi just came in but I have a scary idea about this "box".  What if it's not a box?! My hair brain idea may of course not be right but I think it's a lock to a door. Not that it may open a portal but like a physical door and it fits to the door like a center piece lock and the keys open said lock to the door. Crazy I know but I just said its a scary idea and I won't mind at all when I'm proven wrong when it happens. Where did I get this idea you may ask? Two things: 1 a comment from a user on EQD don't remember who it was but the general idea stuck out half way and 2 a reference from transformers cybertron those who don't know what it is check Wikipedia. If it goes either way, may the universe make us sneeze. So what do you think? Leave responds when possible. Don't panic! 
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The First Key: A Spool of Rainbow-Colored Thread

The Second Key: A Wonderbolt Pin

The Third Key: Cheese Sandwich's Rubber Chicken, Boneless

The Fourth Key: A Flower

The Fifth Key: One Bit

The Sixth Key: UNKNOWN
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The fourth key is a flower
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Lol, where's that muffin came from?
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Two words: Derpy Hooves
:iconliarjackplz::iconsaysplz:If you wanna know what's up with that box, those items, and that rainbow gleam, I can tell you this: It has absolutely nothing to do with that new "Rainbow Power" toyline!:iconsaysendplz:
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:iconjiminycricketplz: :iconsaysplz: My my, that pony's nose sure is growing isn't it Pinoke?:iconsaysendplz:
:iconpinocchioplz: :iconsaysplz: You said it Jiminy!:iconsaysendplz:
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twilight cane power ;D
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i bet she has to use her magic to turn them into keys but only if they are all together 
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that seems very likely to happen
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My thoughts/predictions: The Equestria Games are going to be crashed by a new villain who will be defeated by whatever is in the box (that will be opened by the rainbow-gleaming macguffins)
Sorry for the double post, but what I meant to say is:
That's what I think the finale will be like too!
My thoughts exactly!
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Fluffle puff will bring the element of tacos^♦u♦^!
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Actually, the third key is Weird Al Pony's rubber chicken Boneless.
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