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The Double Dare

You're not Twilight, Shining Armor. So you wouldn't appreciate it like she would. 

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*shining armor* im married mom im aloud to stay up as long as i want to.
This is why you must think twice before daring. You never know of you could end up being embarassed.

I don't think Twilight and Cadance
^are able to gonna hold back cackling on this one.
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Flash: Well sometimes but not- recently
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Anyone remember that scene from Persona 4 that involves a game of dares called "King's Game"?
Like they said in that scene: "The king's orders are absolute!"
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Oh, ****! (covers mouth)
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Poor Shining Armor getting tricked by his little sister and wife.
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Twilight is just laughing her ass off! XD
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I agree with Shiny. Flash needs to go away
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:iconflashsentryplz: Ugh, You bi' mah ton'!
:iconshiningarmorplz: Yeah?  Well... youmoanedatit, OK?!
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First thing that came to my head with that statement was Shining Armor flashing himself :P
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O_O. Do you know what you have just done? Oh, no. I don't think it can be reversed. IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE FLASHARMOR SHIPPERS WILL COME INTO EXISTENCE AND RUIN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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