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The Derbyettes

"Yeah! We're the greatest team ever!"

It's great that Twilight's old friends are including her in their activities, isn't it?

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Me: (whisper's to twilight) It's a bomb.
Twilight: What?!
Me: Good thing everyone left because they don't care.
Bomb: Fuck you, bitch!
Bomb: Hey look, it's shining armor!
Minuet: Shining armor!
Bomb: Boom bitch!
Bomb: Abra cadabra!
*sonic boom*
Bomb: I'm free. And my name is bomb.
I don't know why but this reminds me of Drake and Josh when Josh was the equipment manager for the football team. 
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You go, girls.
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And who says girls can't enjoy football?
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Yay! Lyra's not allowed!
I think it's great how they explain why Lemon and Minette are always in Ponyville, and Lyra's always in Canterlot.
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Too bad Lyra doesn't live there. She could be the cheerleader. Oh well. Maybe when they play in Ponyville. :03
if lyra was ther it would be unicorn 6 or old main 6 ... just a toght 
noice as usual 
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So Roller Derby in Equestria is a combination of football and baseball? =P
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This picture might be a clue to Equestria Girls: Friendship Games (I know because I've watched the trailer on YouTube. I'm so excited :D !) .
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This scene is not meant to reference EQG.  Don't try to force it on the show.
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Oh (How embarrassing :blush: ) !
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:iconlyracryplz: :iconsaysplz: W-why they didn't invite me?

Blame your geographic position Lyra.

:iconlyraponyplz: :iconsaysplz: Huh?

You couldn't come that fast since you live in Ponyville. You can't come back in Canterlot just by flying here like Twilight.

:iconlyrahnngplz: :iconsaysplz: Screw those hands! :iconlyracrazyfaceplz:  I want wings now!
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Yeah, too bad she couldn't be there in that episode.
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At least we heard her talk in "Slice of life".
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Yeah. Loved her voice there.
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y tu dm29? why did everyone completely glance over that lyra was one of the friends? even the show did
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Derbyettes suggests Roller Derby. That might be cool. These 4 going around the track, bumping each other off. Maybe a version of Roller Ball.
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Actually I can only think of one game these girls could be playing.
"It's some time in time in the future...the ultimate challenge...Crossfire!!!"…
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Awww Poor Twilight. XD
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Twilight (Mad) Plz I'm NOT the equipment manager!
Twilight (Cute clap) Plz I'm the team coach of rules and equipment.
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