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The Dating Cliche


Weird. I gotta stop hoarding art in my I must have forgotten to release this one. I don't see it in my gallery.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Flash:You realize i am allergic to chocolate right?
Twilight: Oh Shit.
Spike: I told you so.
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Flash: Can I go now?

Twilight: No. According to my book, this will lead us to a perfect relationship.
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they look unhappy but but this is how they all start i mean just think of big mack and the teach they never liked liked each other before just "to friends " and then in the song find the music something like that we found out that she does like like him ( why do i keep on saying like like him when i could be saying loveee-eeee-e-e-e  ? )

MLP:Evil fluttershy Grinch emote

Fluttershy (shock) plz 
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flash be like can i just go now?
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Flash: This is boring.

Twilight: I know. But the book says this usually what couples do on a date.
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flash is disappoint
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oh boy... Flash must've gotten his tail chewed
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both don't look in love even with hearts..
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flash looks like he has something stuck up his ass = he looks angry
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comments are a lot different here.

on e621 all the twilight neckbeards are crying about him taking their waifu away
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Someone who's using the term "neckbeard" and not referring to bronies as a whole? Damn, I must REALLY be having a good day.
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People commonly call bronies in general "neckbeards" as an insult.
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Exactly what? Are you implying that you're an anti-brony? Because from what I saw on journal that wouldn't be true.
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I like making fun of neck beards who erp and other nasty shit.
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Okay then, thank you for clarifying.
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kawaiiiii <3
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:aww: They look adorable!
I wouldn't be surprised if they were under the love poison effects. Kinda with that happened with Big Mac and Cheerilee. :D
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Not sure, but they don't look happy, at least Flash doesn't. Kind of "Why is she making me do this?"
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