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The Cutie Marked Crusaders

Wow. That episode, huh?

It's all over Twitter and such now. I mean, I was a huge part of the spoilers when I saw it live. But please do watch the episode (5x18). It's such a great episode for one shown on the fifth anniversary of the series. It's been a long time coming, and it's worth being proud of... I guess.

What other bombshells can the rest of the season bring? I'm looking at the episode next week with fear.

For a writeup and my concept on how I would've had their cutie marks different, check here.

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IMO, that episode sucked with the instant redemption, and cutie mark cop-out. 
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sweetie belle's cutiemark is backwards on her flank
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Has anyone considered that the way it is colored has *anything* to do with Twilight Sparkle? Think about how the colors are so her in mane and coat colors. 
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Those aren't exactly the same as Twilight's colors. The marks have the red from Applebloom's mane, the fuchsia from Scootaloo's mane, and the lavender from Sweetiebelle's mane.
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they grow up so fast.
(shads a man tear)
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Your concept on their Cutie Marks is wayyyy better. I am happy on them getting their CMs, but I really dislike the mane-coloured striped background they have. It just doesn't look good enough.
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I agree. I was really underwhelmed with their Marks. I noticed that the same three colors repeating in the whole thing just made the mark run together if you didn't look right at it. Took me a long time to warm up to them.
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really happy with this episode 
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What episode that is
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Season 5 Episode 18. a MUST WATCH!!!
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I finished the show i was so happy
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its funny i was makinga theory that luna was helping the cmc get there marks cause season 4 she was helping sweetie belle in her dream season 5 was applebloom and i was thinking 6 would be scootalo and maybe during 6 thats when theyll get there mark or maybe 7 if possible but o will still the greastest cmc ep by far
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She already helped Scootaloo.  It was season 3, episode 6, "Sleepless in Ponyville."
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oh crap thats true man i totalty forgot thanks so maybe my theory still invoid thanks again man
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Oh my god, I'm looking at this and now I'm crying again. It's the tenth time now.
My fillies have reached everything. :') I love them so much and I'm so proud of them. :')
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"its all going to end soon..."- my reation when finishing the episode.
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They look so cute......

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I left the show a long time ago. What does an apple have to do with engineering?
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their cutiemarks have nothing to do with engineering.They all got the same cutiemark (their cutiemark is helping others get their cutiemarks not engineering
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That is so stupid, Applebloom's talent was building/construction!
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Their destiny's changed...if that makes sense.
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Something tells me you got that from motherly scootaloo tumblr?
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