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The Conundrum

A problem so tough, the bestest purple unicorn can't solve it.

I made this because I guess Twilight is currently as busy as I am.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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What secrets do you ponder, purple pony? The last digit of Pi? The Colonel's secret recipe? Whether chunky is better than smooth?
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Get outta here Piccolo! LOL
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Twilight:   Have you found Waldo yet?

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Starlight - Not yet!  He isn't under these books.  Maybe he went to the bathroom.  What does he look like?
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Twilight:   Tall skinny guy. Strip shirt and hat
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Starlight - Celestia!  He sounds goofy as all get out.  Ummm don't tell him I said that.  I will go check the west wing.
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Twilight:   Wait I think I found him! Nope...nope...thats not him  -.-
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Starlight - Well I give up Twilight.  I have look everywhere.  The west wing, the east wings, the dungeon, the balcony, the kitchen, the study, the real study, the uber study, libraries 1-24, your room, my room, spikes room, the 30 some odd guest rooms that never seem to have guests in them AND the special bathroom with the bathtub the size of a small pond under the castle.  The only room I did not check was that room you forbade me to enter that you and Celestia go into to do your.....  what did you call it?  Oh ya, Alicorn Stuff.  Frankly I think Mr. Waldo left cause you were to busy reading a book to go find him.

Now if you excuse me.  I am off to see Trixie.  She said she wants to show me her best magic tricks and slight of hoof.  Should be exciting. 
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Twilight:   twilight sparkle (smile) plz Uhhh Starlight...honey.......he's a character in a search and find book. I just found him  (Points to him with her hoof)
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Spike- I found him two hours ago...
Starlight- why didn't you tell us?
Spike- you didn't ask
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Oh yeah, Starlight lives with these two. It would be nice to see her actually do something with the Mane Six more often.
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You could tell she was pretty upset at missing the con. But hey, think of all the bits she probably saved by not going.
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Still haven't found that unified field theory, I see.
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Oh man, she's flopped onto her back? On the table? Surrounded by an adorable study mess? This must be one serious problem.
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I could se this happening in boring days xD
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This is the best way to study :D
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Previously on My Little Pony:

Twilight: Why won't this thing work?!
Cutie Map: I'm sorry, but right now there are seven ponies. The device has insufficient seats for all seven ponies. Please remove one pony before attempting to reactivate again. AND QUIT PUTTING STUFFS ON THIS TABLE!
Starlight: Whoa. I didn't know this Cutie Map can talk.
Cutie Map: What can I say, your spell that almost took the whole world to their extinction actually grant me some verbal abilities.
Spike: So now the map can talk?


Twilight: Now where is the power button located and how to fix it?
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She's trying to solve the Skasis Paradigm.
(Doctor Who s2e3 "school reunion")
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Twilight: *groan* I don't get it! How are we going to make this damn map work again!
Spike: Wait! You weren't searching for how Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense worked?
T: I gave up Moons ago!
Starlight: Uh, excuse me? What is Pinkie Sense?
S: Apparently Pinkie can sense anything that can happen in Ponyville or simply around her. She called that her Pinkie Sense. And Twilight here never discovered how it was even possible. So, she just accepted it as it was.
St: But, what link does it have to do with the map?
T: Nothing.
St: Then....
T: Ask Spike here why he brought this up first!
Starlight shift her gaze to Spike.
S: What? I just asked about it.
Pinkie Pie: Hi Twilight! Hi Spike! Hi Starlight!
T: Hi Pinkie.
S: Hey Pinkie.
S: Hello Pinkie.
PP: What's wrong?
S: Twilight and Starlight are trying to find a way to make the map work again.
PP: Ohhhhh! Sound interesting. Want help?
T: I'm fine Pinkie. Really.
T: But you looked so stressed and worried...
St: That's what I told her but she refuses to rest.
S: Hey! That's my line!
PP: Okie dokie. So I'm going to..... Woah!
Pinkie began to shake, to twitch for her legs to her head.
St: What the... We got to do som-
Both remain stoic.
St: Guys! What are you-
T: See that? That's her Pinkie Sense.
St: What?!
S: Observe.
Then it suddenly stopped.
T: Huh?
S: What's going to happen this time?! Take cover!!!
Spike jumped under the table.
St: What are you talking about?
S: Trust me. You are better get here before it happens.
Nothing happened.
PP: That's weird.
T: Phew! Nothing happened this time. Thanks Celestia.
S: *giggle* You can say that again.
St: What's funny?
S: Twilight usual became the victim when Pinkie get a Pinkie Sense.
St: Oh.
T: Hey! Not always me!
Rainbow Dash flew inside with a spear in her hooves.
Rainbow Dash: Uh, Twilight? I found that spear planted in your roof.
T: What?! Bring that here so I can exanimate it.
RD: Okay. Here I... Oops!
The spear slip off her hooves and fell on a crystal lying there, making her spin in the alicorn's direction. Twilight froze. The spear pass a hoof from her face and plant itself into a book on the shelves which fell on the ground with the weapon.
PP: Oh. Soooo that's why it was this urgent.
S: Twilight! Are you okay?
T: Don't you dare say a word.
S: About what?
T: You know what!
S: It didn't hit you, right?
T: *relieved right* And glad it didn't.
Meanwhile, Starlight took the unlucky book and examinated  it.
St: Twilight!
T: What is it Starlight?
St: T-t-the book... It may be the one we were looking for!
T: Huh? Let me see..... Oh my gosh! You're right and...
She froze and stared at Pinkie.
St: What?
S: See Starlight? That's Pinkie Sense.
PP: What about it?
S: It found the book they were looking for by accident.
PP: Actually, the spear was supposed to hit somepony.
All of them stared at her.
PP: Glad that nopony was hurt, though. *sniff sniff* *gasp!* Something is burning!
S: Oh no! My blueberry pie was in the oven!
Spike ran to the kitchen.
PP: *gasp* Maybe my Pinkie Sense was about the pie!
She headed to the kitchen as well.
RD: So... If Pinkie felt that the pie was burning.... Then why the spear was there and how come it found the book you needed?
They both stared at Dash.
T: I-I-I don't know Dash, but... I think I'll go rest for an hour...
RD: Uh, is she okay?
St: Yeah. I thing she can't accept happy accident.... or she is just too tired.
T: ... then I'll make a complete report of what just happened.
St: I guess both.
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this is beautiful xD
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