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The Bestest Sister Ever

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Shining, no. You'll kill her...

(No, no, no. Don't. Even. You are all horrible people.)

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Shining Armor used Lick!
Twilight Sparkle is Paralyzed!
aqdrobert's avatar
Heimlich maneuver in reverse?
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HappyCadencePLZ Sweet Celestia, I created a hug monster! Too much love!
elr79655's avatar
Who let him into the catnip?!
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Anyone ever noticed that both their manes are blue? Twi's main mane color is navy blue...and if i'm not mistaken their magic auras are also both either magenta or hot pink or something.....
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They're sibling relationship is awesome
Bronymeister's avatar
I think you should let go of her now
Tiger-Hawk's avatar
aww A little to much brotherly love XD
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My Little Pony even makes murder adorable
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Shining Armour n Brutus Horse Shining's Ant Farm Chibi Shining Armor Icon Chibi Twilight Sparkle Icon twilight sparkle (smile) plz Twilight Sparkle (yes) plz well, today in India...we have Raksha Bandhan-- a festival for brothers and sisters...
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:icontwilightblehplz: *raspy voice* PLEASE, Shining! I must... BREATHE... *COUGH COUGH*
matt-flameboymallon's avatar
Yeah too much of a bear hug Shining.
shirotora84's avatar
Whoa, whoa, whoa! This isn't Inkbunny!
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it was nice knowing you twi, but hey if you die here you'll be reincarnated as a super alicorn.
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You logo placement makes it look like a price tag. So it looks like Shining's enjoying his new Twilight "plushy"
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I think I heard each individual section of her spine when I saw this.
RICKX231's avatar
Shining love his sister so much it hurt.
ShannaImprov's avatar
Ok Shining Armor, Twily loves you too! Can you let go of her now?
D1n0-Mann94's avatar
"I will love her, and hug her, and pet her, and call her Twily!"
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Well....There goes Twilights spine....
GunnurBoyExo's avatar
Hug your best sister in Equestria & then Shining break Twily's back. :D
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What did she do for such bone crushing accolades ?
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