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The Best(ies) Slumber Party Ever!

By dm29

Now I'm not saying we had the same idea, but I did a slumber party piece during the last Equestria Girls, and now there was a slumber party in Rainbow Rocks*.

The outfits of the girls are all composites formed from blurry, illegal footage from the movie, watching Pinkie Pie doing a status update over and over, and even then not all their outfits in full were explicitly shown on screen, so I did a lot of improvisation. I like the little pompoms on Rarity's slippers. Also, I gave everyone slippers. Fluttershy likes to hog pillows.

EQG:RR Slumberparty by dm29 

Also there was that bit where pizza was had**, so I put Flash Sentry as the most important person (deliverer of pizzas) here for no good reason, since him delivering the goods was the first thing I thought when I went through the scene. Spike's having a good time, too.

*Not quite a spoiler.
**Some kind of spoiler.

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Great Job!;) (Wink) Ya know suppose they made Spike human in that world too (as they REALLY should have) was he STILL gonna join them or where ELSE was he gonna sleep?Greetings 
The deliverer of the Pizzas is the most important person at any party like this.
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Rainbow Dash: *braindead after losing against Applejack*

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I love Sunset Shimmer.
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Omg flash is the Pizza guy XD
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Rainbow Dash: I can't believe I lost the game!
Applejack: Well it's was my revenge.
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This should be a deleted scene or an outtake.
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I like the slumber party part in that movie great pic
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This is how 90% of pornos start.
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Yep, Flash will be the lucky one.
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Friends called it XD
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It would've been funny if Flash was the pizza guy.
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Flash, despite what you may have seen while you were raiding your Dad's porno collection, being a pizza delivery boy will not turn out how you expect it to.
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That would be weird for that to happen. Delivering a pizza to ask for some kind of sexual favor.
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God... all the perverted minds out there probably LOVE this picture....
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The only thing I dont like about this picture is that Flash is in it. :angry: One of the scariest zelda moments... EVER. RAGE 
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I WONDER Y RARITY IS BLUSHING... HMMMMM... :tehe3d: Tehe 3D 50x50 derp :tehe3d: Tehe 3D 50x50 derp :tehe3d: Tehe 3D 50x50 derp 
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brad enters the room and twilight sunset have a white creamy substance on their faces, mouths, and bodies
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Exactly what I was thinking.
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Where's AJ's hand?!
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