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The Best(ies) Slumber Party Ever!


Now I'm not saying we had the same idea, but I did a slumber party piece during the last Equestria Girls, and now there was a slumber party in Rainbow Rocks*.

The outfits of the girls are all composites formed from blurry, illegal footage from the movie, watching Pinkie Pie doing a status update over and over, and even then not all their outfits in full were explicitly shown on screen, so I did a lot of improvisation. I like the little pompoms on Rarity's slippers. Also, I gave everyone slippers. Fluttershy likes to hog pillows.

EQG:RR Slumberparty by dm29 

Also there was that bit where pizza was had**, so I put Flash Sentry as the most important person (deliverer of pizzas) here for no good reason, since him delivering the goods was the first thing I thought when I went through the scene. Spike's having a good time, too.

*Not quite a spoiler.
**Some kind of spoiler.

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I know flash, i get pulled into things i didn't sign up for, too.